Feminist Gets Panties In A Wad Over "Panties".


Usually, I wouldn’t bother mentioning unmentionables, but, this was too precious. 

Why the Word ‘Panties’ Is So Awful (And What to Do About It)

I’m guessing Valentines day didn’t go so well for her.  It isn’t that the lady hates underroos, she just hates the word(s ).  It seems “panty” and “panties” are equally acrimonious.  And, she quotes backup for the notion that “panty” is a bad word.

The Huffington Post’s Zoë Triska named it “the worst word ever.” Cracked.com included “panties” in its list of the “Five Words That Need To Be Banned From English.”

Panties is the worst word ever?  Really?  Oddly, it is also “infantilizing“, but at the same time “it’s too sexy“.  Now, that is some very disturbing imagery, but it exists only in the minds of these nutters. ….. the thinking is wrong.  And, the author, Sarah Fentem provides the proof the thinking is wrong.  The poor girl dances all around the truth, but, rejects the reality of the truth.  Her opening paragraph…..

Every month or so, I receive a glossy coupon from Victoria’s Secret in my mailbox. “Free panty!” it beckons. “No purchase necessary!”

Later she writes this…..

Why does panties sound sexual? Many arguments could be made, not the least concerning advertising. I have a hunch that the sexualization of the word “panties” is the result of some marketing focus group grasping for a word to run alongside pictures of lingerie models in “tempting” mesh undergarments.

And, then she writes this……

However, the hatred of the word “panties” comes from how disconnected the sexy word is from the function of what it means. Women’s underwear serves the same utilitarian purpose a man’s underwear does.


u·til·i·tar·i·an  [yoo-til-i-tair-ee-uhn]  adjective

1.  pertaining to or consisting in utility.

2.  having regard to utility or usefulness rather than beauty, ornamentation, etc.

I’m wondering how she reconciles the success of Victoria’s Secret with women’s underwear serving the same utilitarian purpose as man’s underwear?

h/t Twitchy

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28 Responses to Feminist Gets Panties In A Wad Over "Panties".

  1. Jim Masterson says:

    “Five Words That Need To Be Banned From English.”

    Really? “Dollop” and “rural” need to be banned? These people are nutters.


  2. kim2ooo says:

    Sooo…A girl who uses the the TWTTER Handle “petit_smudge”- [ Did she drop the { E } in”petite” ?].

    Which conjures images of “SKID MARKS” left by her, in her panties. – doesn’t like the word “panties” as a descriptive word?

  3. DirkH says:

    Is pantyhose okay?
    Instead of panty, we could write p***y.

  4. DirkH says:

    Piers Morgan said the evil word!
    “Women send me their p**ties”

  5. HankH says:

    What I don’t get is why liberal women are offended by being seen as sexy or attractive?

    So, if she were successful in banning the word “panties”, what word would Victoria’s Secret use instead to sell those sexy undergarments?

  6. miked1947 says:

    Camel Lip Covers!

  7. DaveG says:

    Panties are lovely. Nickers are gross. Draws are a put off.
    Camel Lip Covers are very interesting interesting!
    miked1947 I think your mind is in the crotch box. Lol

  8. gator69 says:

    I’m guessing Victoria’s secret is using a specific name for a specific item. Men really only have 1 item they call underwear, women have many…. sorry, just thinking…

  9. tckev says:

    Bloomers, there’s a lot of responses. Some read like they’re in short pants, others like they have their knickers in a knot over this. Whatever the case, just keep you drawers on and listen to a sad thong by Bikini G.String.
    Lingerie is all I have left to say


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