A Real Graph of the Day — The Point Is We’re Feeding Too Many People?



I thought if Pielke Jr. could introduce a misnamed graph of the day, I thought I’d show one.  The graph above can be seen on the left of the FAOSTAT home page.

As we all know, the climate nutters wish to limit our GHG emissions because they think our GHG emissions are hotting up the world in spite of what their own idiotic metrics are telling them. 



I can only guess as to why FAO stat decided to put emissions in as one of their statistics, but the FAO is pretty proud of it.  They recently did an interview with Environmental Research Web heralding this great accomplishment.  Here’s some key parts of the article…..

“This approach allows for the creation of a global database with country detail,” said Tubiello. “The platform facilitates data access and streamlining, identification of emission sources and data benchmarking, in line with new UNFCCC reporting requirements.”

In the future, climate funding could be linked to more precise estimates of greenhouse emissions and mitigation potential, the team reckons. That would mean many developing countries would need a better assessment of their agricultural, forestry and land-use emissions.

“Our first results help quantify trends in the relative contribution of agriculture and deforestation to total anthropogenic forcing, showing that the ratio of agriculture emissions to total fossil-fuel emissions is declining,” said Tubiello. “Results also indicate that emissions from agriculture are now comparable to those related to deforestation, and highlight the important role that degraded organic soils play in global emissions.”

Here’s another graph which can accompany the “graph of the day“.


If one follows the steps lined out in the related FAO article, you’ll come to a page which displays this information.

Now, for rational individuals this information comes as no surprise.  And, it doesn’t for the climate nutters either, but, now they can no longer feign ignorance.  The question is, what is the point of this information?  Are they asserting that we’re feeding too many people?  To save our planet are we going to have to let more people go hungry?  It sure seems to be the point.  Malthus would be proud. 

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4 Responses to A Real Graph of the Day — The Point Is We’re Feeding Too Many People?

  1. Latitude says:

    I thought google earth put a stop to this…..LOL

    on another note…..this is one way to put it…..


  2. DirkH says:

    The primary purpose is obviously absolute control and blackmailing countries into stopping what they’re doing; otherwise no climate cash for the local strongman.

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