Creative Journal Writer Pwns Self!


The creative journalist formerly known as Touré Neblett had some recent self-pwnage with some help with leftist rag Huffington Post! 

It all started innocently enough.  The creative journalist formerly known as Touré Neblett was simply moving through his paranoid delusional world where he sees a racist under every bed, behind every corner, and within every citizen wishing to be free and have thingys we used to call “rights”.  This time it was blathering about NRA chief Wayne LaPierre’s recent article.  In it, LaPierre wrote,

“After Hurricane Sandy, we saw the hellish world that the gun prohibitionists see as their utopia. Looters ran wild in south Brooklyn. There was no food, water or electricity. And if you wanted to walk several miles to get supplies, you better get back before dark, or you might not get home at all.”

For English writing people, note the lack of capitalization of the word “south”.  Apparently, they don’t teach this in the creative journalism classes.  Or, it is possible that the creative journalist formerly known as Touré Neblett is simply to simple to understand proper names from directional words.  It’s difficult to determine, ignorance or stupidity?  You make the call. 

Of course, the creative journalist formerly known as Touré Neblett saw the racism, obvious only in his paranoid delusional world, and reacted like a well conditioned subject of Pavlov, with predictable Tourette-like utterances.  (I just had to work that in!) 

“Perhaps we know Wayne LaPierre is wrong about good guys and bad guys and guns. I’m sure many of us find him hard to trust given his obvious use of racial demonization to spread fear that will lead to buying guns. In his recent editorial in the Daily Caller, he spoke of supposedly rampant crime and murder in some place he called South Brooklyn in the days after Hurricane Sandy.

Hmm, “a place called South Brooklyn“.  Is it possible someone clued the creative journalist formerly known as Touré Neblett in on the capitalization rule about proper names of places?  And, then he decided to just go with his presumptions?  Hmm, stupid or ignorant, but definitely an enemy of truth.  The creative journalist formerly known as Touré Neblett, continued.

Put aside that no reporting bears that out, I live in Brooklyn, and I have for a long time, and there is no place referred to as South Brooklyn. But I think it’s safe to say that when he says that, much of the country envisions a place clogged with black people.

Here, we see the creative journalist formerly known as Touré Neblett, is still in his paranoid delusional world.  Sadly, this is a world of woeful ignorance.  Apparently, the creative journalist formerly known as Touré Neblett doesn’t check what he’s saying before blathering his stupidity.  I’m not sure why he thinks people would automatically envision a place “clogged with black people” when hearing the words “south Brooklyn”, but recall, the creative journalist formerly known as Touré Neblett lives in a world very different than the rest of us.  But, a quick search on the internets would have, indeed, bore out the reporting, and even mentioning “south Brooklyn”.  Courtesy of HuffPo…….

Hurricane Sandy Looting, Fights Plague South Brooklyn (PHOTOS)


“It’s getting dark, and it’s real dangerous out here — that’s why there’s a cop on every block,” one NYPD officer told HuffPost Crime. “You could get your stuff stolen.” […]

Dena Wells, 39, a resident of Ocean Towers, had had enough after watching the melee.

“People are turning on each other — they’re attacking each other,” she said, shaking her head. “Even when there’s no disaster, this building is disastrous. But after the hurricane, it just got crazy.”

Yep, no reporting, no place called south Brooklyn.  Brooklyn is prolly on the South Pole so it can’t have a south part of the town. 

h/t’s to Townhall and Newsbusters

To watch the creative journalist formerly known as Touré Neblett in his natural paranoid delusional state, view this video here.

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19 Responses to Creative Journal Writer Pwns Self!

  1. miked1947 says:

    I have a tendency to Capitalize directions, such as East Tennessee, Mid Tennessee. That comes from East Las Vegas, (East Side) North Las Vegas, West Las Vegas (West Side). The South part of town was divided into Townships and later developments with their own names. If the south part of Bronx was more hazardous than other parts it should be Capitalized.

  2. Jim Masterson says:

    The following is from the Chicago Manual of Style (15th digital edition):

    from 8.50
    . . .

    the East, eastern, an easterner, the eastern seaboard, East Coast (referring to the eastern United States); the East, the Far East, Eastern (referring to the Orient and Asian culture); the Middle East (or, formerly more common, the Near East), Middle Eastern (referring to Iran, Iraq, etc.); the Eastern Hemisphere; eastern Europe (but Eastern Europe when referring to the post–World War II division of Europe); eastward, to turn east (direction)

    . . .

    the Great Plains; the northern plains; the plains (but Plains Indians)

    the Midwest, midwestern, a midwesterner

    the North, northern; Northern, Northerner (in American Civil War contexts); the Northwest, the Pacific Northwest, the Northwest Passage, northwestern; North Africa, North African countries, in northern Africa; North America, North American, the North American continent; the North Atlantic, a northern Atlantic route; the Northern Hemisphere; northern California (see below for Southern California); Northeast Brazil (a political division); the Far North

    the poles; the North Pole, the North Polar ice cap; the South Pole; polar regions (see also Antarctica; the Arctic)

    the South, southern; Southern, a Southerner (in American Civil War contexts); the Deep South; the south of France; the Southeast, the Southwest, southeastern, southwestern (U.S.); Southeast Asia; South Africa, South African (referring to the Republic of South Africa); southern Africa (referring to the southern part of the continent); but Southern California (considered a cultural entity as much as a geographical term)

    . . .

    the West; the Occident; the Western world (considered a cultural entity); the West, West Coast (of the U.S.); west, western, westward (direction), a westerner.

    The 16th edition is similar, but I don’t have the digital version.

    Capitalization of directions is very confusing–I think.


  3. Me says:

    If he was to use proper writing, I guess they wouldn’t have to invent a new thang called creative writing as Toshinmack used in his Bio. 😆

  4. Latitude says:

    Now what would be the reaction if white people saw everyone else as a racist?…..

    ….how sick, we’ve ostracized an entire group of people based on their race

    • miked1947 says:

      I see most Liberals as Racist! And I do not care what their skin color or ethnicity is, or even their life style choice! They are Racist Phobes!

  5. jimash1 says:

    The correct term for the section of Brooklyn described by the story ( location of Ocean Towers )
    is “Coney Island”.
    Just sayin’

    • jimash1 says:

      Just to clarify :
      I assume that Mr. LaPierre is not from New York and doesn’t know Redhook from Williamsburg.
      New York has 5 Boroughs, and numerous named sections and neighborhoods, some of which change from time to time.
      There is no section of New York called “South Brooklyn” .
      So whether or not one capitalizes it is of little importance.
      Coney Island is the southern end of Brooklyn though.( West of Brighton Beach)
      The idea that simply applying a geographical referent to a locale with which one is unfamiliar, and that using “south” to describe that locale would count as some kind of subtle, or overt racism, though is just stupid.

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