That Super Sciency IPCC Strikes Again!!!!


Good heavens!

Introducing Professor Oliver C Ruppel, professor of Law at Stellenbosch University, specializing among other things, World Trade Law, Sustainable Development Law, and International Environmental Law.  Ruppel serves as AR5 co-ordinating lead author for the Chapter on Africa of the UN IPCC, Working Group II

He was quoted in a new article trying to tell us that climate change is for realz!

“There is wide scientific consensus that the increased number and intensity of climate change induced natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunamis and hurricanes, is of alarming concern,” said Ruppel, though adding that not all climate events lead to disasters.

Apparently, the earth is getting so hot from CO2 it’s expanding….. or something. Annoyed

Someone remind me now about the validity of the IPCC reports, please?

h/t Tom Nelson

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18 Responses to That Super Sciency IPCC Strikes Again!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    …he forgot meteors and the orbit of the sun…………………..SNARK

  2. HankH says:

    Someone remind me now about the validity of the IPCC reports, please?

    It’s like this… The IPCC politicians solicit gray literature from WWF, hikers, photographers of polar bears, and numerous NGO’s to write their reports for policy makers. Afterwards the scientists submit their research. The IPCC writers then select from the stack of science papers, those that agree with the report already written. After which, the scientist have a bitching period wherein they complain that papers that advocated a moderate or even dismissive view of global warming were completely ignored. Subsequently the bitching scientists are ignored and their comments unceremoniously deleted from the record as “investigated but not relative.” Then the reports are released in their final form to policy makers.

  3. DaveG says:

    Latitude says:
    he forgot meteors and the orbit of the sun……………but he must be right about the Co2 magnetic effect pulling meteors in especially over Russia
    Sark on ,off, on, off………..

  4. Jim Masterson says:

    So how many times have you heard that a meteorite hit Russia? I’m sorry, but it can only be a meteor or a meteoroid that impacts the ground/surface. A meteorite is the rock/mineral left over from a meteor/meteoroid impact.


    • jimash1 says:

      Really, this parrticular distinction without i difference gets old, and is confusing for most people.
      A meteor exploded over a Russian city. Undoubtedly some meteorioid fragments struck the ground. Meteorites will be recovered.

      • Jim Masterson says:

        The distinction between a galaxy and a solar system also seems confusing to many. Thanks to stupid shows like “Lost in Space” that confusion will continue.


        • jimash1 says:

          Vey true.
          That one really bugs me.

        • daveburton says:

          Galaxies and solar systems don’t turn into one another… and my guess is that the kids who watched Lost in Space are more likely than the rest of the population to know the difference.

        • Jim Masterson says:

          daveburton says:
          February 17, 2013 at 2:43 pm

          . . . the kids who watched Lost in Space are more likely than the rest of the population to know the difference.

          I doubt it. That would imply that those kids actually know some astronomy.


  5. gator69 says:

    I found some video footage to go along with your story, apparently it was a rather heated discussion…

  6. jimash1 says:

    I read all the comments associated with the ridiculous article, and most were very supportive of the view presented in that article.
    Not one, NOT ONE, commenter, had the sixth grade education and presence of mind to
    point out that “climate change”, even if it exists, even if it is manmade, cannot possibly cause earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc.
    The ignorance and lemming-like quaiities, of the “claiming to be educated” masses is disturbing.

  7. DirkH says:

    Yes. Nobody on the first page of comments noticed the idiocy. Cattle. Useful idiots. Dumbing down complete. Anything further and they couldn’t function biologically.

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