LSM Takes Another Blow! WaPo Hits Workers With 54 layoffs!!! Tries To Keep It Quiet!


Valentine’s Day Bloodbath: WaPo Lays Off Workers in Hush-Hush Manner

On Thursday, Valentine’s Day, WaPo officially discussed the circumstances surrounding the layoffs of employees, FishbowlDC sources have learned. Internal sources appropriately place the number at 54, though a publicist hasn’t confirmed the exact number. Every department facing cuts was asked to keep the news to their department only, as to not make it look like a mass layoff. We’re told those given pink slips include Beth Jacobs, General Manager of Mobile, and Ken Dodelin, Director of Mobile Products. Sources say the entire Mobile Product Management and IT Project Management staffs have been eliminated.

So, are the writers at WaPo going to write about how good the economy really is?  Maybe they’ll write about the evil corporation who downsizes just to be mean! 

h/t Breitbart

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10 Responses to LSM Takes Another Blow! WaPo Hits Workers With 54 layoffs!!! Tries To Keep It Quiet!

  1. Latitude says:

    I’m sticking this here so you’ll see it….. 😉

    what are the odds of dying from…….well, everything!

  2. Bruce says:

    And just to keep on thread our own WaPo types, Fairfax Ltd, are likewise feeling the hot wind of progressive oblivion on their necks this week. ‘Ace’ reporters jumping ship. My local, the Newcastle Herald, is part of the Fairfax stable but is now embarassingly produced in New Zealand. The government broadcaster the ABC was handed another $10 million for their news operations this week, just to undermine the lefty Fairfax business model some more.

    Lefty newspapers are getting it from all directions, including from each other. So sad.

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