Because Black Folk Shouldn’t Work At Fox!


Disgusting and ridiculous is about the only way to describe the racial slurs and insults the leftists hurled towards Herman Cain when it was announced that joined Fox News as a contributor.  The ridiculous part is that Cain is a multi-millionaire.  He’s doing this because it’s something he wants to do.  He’s no one’s house n*gger.  But, that doesn’t stop the mindless racist left from spewing such nonsense. 

Herman Cain is a very successful businessman who made a great run and nearly got the presidential nomination.  But, because he’s a conservative, the left feels like it’s okay for them to hurl racial slurs towards him.  How about a nice does of hypocrisy?

From Twitchy…..

After Fox News hires Herman Cain, vile libs cry ‘Uncle Tom,’ ‘house n*gger’

Ryan Mayo @young_maymay

@Toure: Herman Cain joins Fox as a contributor. #Wow” they needed a new token to prove they are minority friendly


Kent Haas @KENTping

#cain Is he getting 999,999.99 for being an inarticulate Uncle Tom ?


Herman Cain = #1 house nigger

J. Gambino (@jasmine_gamble) February 15, 2013

Well, there’s more, but you get the gist. 

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11 Responses to Because Black Folk Shouldn’t Work At Fox!

  1. cdquarles says:

    The real Uncle Toms are Jesse Jackson and all of the other folk of similar ilk, who are the flip side of the coin featuring David Duke. Ugh.

    • suyts says:

      It’s really a shame that they do this, but, I’m kinda glad they do. It exposes their hatred and hypocrisy. And, you’re right, I see little difference between Jackson and Duke.

  2. HankH says:

    Every time you hear a racial diatribe or accusation it’s always coming from a leftist.

  3. DirkH says:

    Wasn’t Uncle Tom secretly helping slaves to freedom?
    Using him as a metaphor in exactly the wrong way… Even for a propaganda war that’s dumb.

  4. gator69 says:

    It’s only racism if it comes from the right.

  5. jimash1 says:

    If I’m honest, I think this is a bad idea.
    IF Herman Caine wants to stay in front of the public, there are undoubtedly other ways to do it,
    than working for the media.
    It didn’t work for Sarah Palin .

  6. tckev says:

    So a successful person gets a job at Fox. People then start to take potshots at him not because of his politics, not because of the way he makes money, not the way he invests money.
    Is it because he’s inarticulate and a poor speaker?
    Or is it because he can reach people with his message?
    Is it because people only see the color of his skin and not the man?
    The twits so far indicate the latter, color of the skin is all they see…

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