Gems on the Sword — Remedy for a Heavy Heart — February 12


Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

Remedy for a Heavy Heart February 12

Scripture Selection: Psalm 43:3-5; Proverbs 12:25; Matthew 11:28-30

Food for Thought: Prov. 12:25

Let’s face it. There are days when you don’t feel happy. Days when you are dealing with such difficult circumstances that you may wonder if you’ll ever feel happy again. But don’t give up on God, and whatever you do, don’t blame Him. He has the remedy for a heavy heart.

First, go to Him. As you spend time with Him, recognize that Jesus desires to relieve you of that weight. Give it to Him by faith, and you will find rest for your soul.

Second, as you spend time with Him, worship Him, regardless of what has happened. When you worship Him, called in one translation of the Psalm “my happiness and joy,” He performs a healing miracle in your heart and brings joy.

And third, remember that a “good word” brings joy. Expose your heart to good words only. Especially when you are battling depression or a serious concern, don’t turn on the news, pick up the newspaper, or watch shows that provoke feelings of sadness or anything negative. If possible, stay away from people who have nothing positive to say. Instead, converse with people who have a good word for you. And pour the Word of God into your heart every chance you get. This remedy is guaranteed to work!

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4 Responses to Gems on the Sword — Remedy for a Heavy Heart — February 12

  1. suyts says:

    Certainly words of wisdom! And it hits pretty close to home.

    Writing the posts for this blog presents challenges as such. Sometimes, I warn about sites, half in jest, not to spend too much time at those sites because it shakes one’s faith in humanity. I’ve found that I have to take breaks from such sites and my typical endeavors and refocus on more positive things. The weight is simply too heavy for me to carry. Fortunately, I don’t have to carry the burden and there’s a lighter yoke for me!

    And, that is one of the purposes of this blog. For years I wandered the internet. I’ve found many sites which had many topics in which I was interested. Most, though, held views contrary to mine, and some were decidedly agnostic or even atheistic. While I’ve never worried about being swayed by those people (and these are the people we should seek out), it does weigh on a person when they’re isolated. And, so, we have a haven here in the internet wilderness! We can and do discuss nearly everything here. Sometimes, though, to great concern of mine, it wasn’t always obvious, given the somewhat secular topics, that this was a Christian blog.

    This is why my sister’s daily devotional is here. I needed a stamp! I needed something to start with, everyday, which said, ‘this is a Christian blog’! I had been praying about it for sometime. How serendipitous that Jeanette emailed me her daily devotional book! God truly has wondrous ways!

  2. Alfred Alexander says:

    I agree.Thank you.

  3. J Sue says:

    It truly was “serendipitous”! I never in a million years would have set out to write a blog. It was God moving and leading beyond my understanding. And I thank Him for it, even though it is entirely out of my “comfort zone.”
    P.S. Dear readers: PLEASE always read the designated scriptures before reading the commentary. What I have to say is not nearly as valuable as what God has to say in His Word.

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