Perfect Timing! NOAA Retracts 2012 La Nina Year!!!


Sometimes there are serendipitous occurrences.  And then sometimes, there are just some great moments. 


This is the NOAA’s “State of the Climate” report for 2012

Recently, I’ve been a bit in whimsical yearning for simpler blogging days.  That is, the days before I started blogging here and simply haunted other blogs and discussion boards.  Back a few years ago, I was mostly confined to climate blogs with an occasional excursion to other topics.  Back then, that’s where the fight was. 

The fact is, this blog is incredibly time consuming.  It’s great fun, and a great experience.  But, like everything, to everything there is a cost.  And the cost I’m paying is that I don’t get out to the other blogs much, anymore.  I hardly comment at WUWT or Steve’s anymore.  And, with my diverse focus of this blog, I sometimes don’t keep up with the nuances of climate debate. 

The other night, I wasn’t sleeping, so I ventured out and found someone to argue with about the climate.  It was the usual….. deniers this and that.  One pinhead poked in on the discussion and stated 2012 was the hottest La Nina evuh!  While I was familiar with the issue, I hadn’t yet, discovered the retraction.  I was preparing to discuss what constitutes a “La Nina year” vs what doesn’t and inspect the 3.4 indices and temps.  As luck would have it, I search for NOAA 2012 La Nina or some such.  What pops up? 

NOAA Corrects Their 2012 State of the Climate Report – 2012 Was NOT the Warmest La Niña Year on Record

Thanks Bob!  Smile 

You see, the correction came about because of skeptics.  All the while, the alarmists unquestionably parrot their idols.  A quote directed at me during the discussion……

“If Annan says clipping the long tail doesn’t do much to change the central estimates, that’s what it means. You’ve just yet to come to grips with it.”


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6 Responses to Perfect Timing! NOAA Retracts 2012 La Nina Year!!!

  1. SOYLENT GREEN says:


  2. Me says:

    😆 Timing is everything.

  3. philjourdan says:

    Most of the “consensus” of Alarmist are merely the sheep. They really do not know what they are talking about.

  4. miked1947 says:

    If Annan took the time to pull his head from his nether region he would also be a realist, of course that would put him out of work.

  5. dan says:

    lurking has it’s merits…but it wouldn’t be as much fun without well informed efforts like yours…

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