Gems on the Sword — Sex Is Serious! — February 7


Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

Sex Is Serious! February 7

Scripture Selection: Psalm 38:3-8, 10-11; Prov. 7:4-27; I Cor. 6:13-20

Food for Thought: I Cor. 6:18

The life of David is a beautiful story of how God took a humble shepherd boy who loved to worship the Lord, led him through many miraculous victories, and placed him as leader over all of Israel. David had it all: power, fame, and even an intimate relationship with God. But he had a weakness. Lust. It took control of him and caused him to fall into fornication with Bethsheba. How is it possible that such a brave, powerful man, who was victorious in battles against giants, bears, lions, and the like, was not strong enough to resist the lustful urge within him?

The consequences of his sin were horrendous. A loyal soldier was killed, a child died, and lives were changed forever. It affected all of Israel. One sin. Sex is such a powerful thing created by God and intended to be the glue that unites a man and his wife both physically and spiritually as one. But when not used as directed, it can be deadly.

Let no one think of himself as strong enough to resist on his own. We need to set up guards in our heart so as to never fall prey to the enemy’s vices and so that God be glorified always in all that we do, both in our body and in our spirit. It’s a very serious matter.

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