Who’s Your Daddy? Boss? Chris Rock Explains!!



Chris Rock, a person with obvious parental issues stemming back to his childhood, decided to lend his support to Zero’s gun grabbing attempts.  On capitol hill today, he blathered some freakish utterances demonstrating his lack of knowledge of our political system, and his issues with his parents. 

“I am just here to support the president of the United States,” said Mr. Rock, ……..”The President of the United States is, you know, our boss. But also, you know, the president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. And when your dad says something, you listen. [And] when you don’t, it usually bites you in the [expletive] later on. So I’m here to support the president.”

Uhmm, no.  The prez isn’t our boss, we’re his bosses.  He’s not anyone’s daddy, but his children.  What sort of issues did Chrissy grow up with?  I shudder to think.  But, I hope he confines his fetishes to his imagination.  We all know how the last has been celeb with parental issues ended up.


WTF is wrong with these people?  Zero and Michelle are mommy and daddy of the country?  Where the heck did he learn civics?……  Nevermind, I’m pretty sure he was clowning instead of learning anything. 

Our boss?  Annoyed  No.  He’s not.  He’s elected, (by a bunch of imbeciles) to serve the people.  He answers to us, not the other way around.  Dear God!!!  Save these people from their own ineptness and cowardness!!!  At least pretend you’ve grown to adulthood!!! 

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11 Responses to Who’s Your Daddy? Boss? Chris Rock Explains!!

  1. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
    NOT MY DADDY!!!! NOT MY BOSS!!!! And I thank My Lord – every night, for it!

  2. Jim Masterson says:

    When I heard this on the radio the first thing that popped into my mind was “Mein Führer.”

    Jim 😎

  3. Me says:

    😆 I bet he never forgets who his mommy is!

  4. gator69 says:

    I don’t recall Chris embracing Daddy Bush. Or following along with what W said, in fear of an ass biting.

    I also don’t remember Chris EVER being funny.

    • philjourdan says:

      I thought it was just me – but I have never found him funny either.

      • gator69 says:

        I think some people confuse loud and unconventional behavior, with comedy. To me Chris uses very immature and predictable themes as vehicles for most, if not all of his comedy.

        • cdquarles says:

          Red Skelton, the Marx brothers, Bob Hope, Richard Pryor, there’s your comedy. If Chris Rock is funny, well, I wonder who writes his material. Parody, mmm, possible for Chris Rock to be parody. Of what, I am not sure :).

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