Man Would Have Saved A Lot Of Time And Money If He Had Read Suyts Space!!! —- Polar Bears


You just have to chuckle sometimes.  There’s a funny (at least to me) article up at NPR. 

The Inconvenient Truth About Polar Bears

It’s delicious.  The article starts like this…..

In 2008, reports of polar bears’ inevitable march toward extinction gripped headlines. Stories of thinning Arctic ice and even polar bear cannibalism combined to make these predators into a powerful symbol in the debate about climate change.

The headlines caught Zac Unger’s attention, and he decided to write a book about the bears.

But, Zac wasn’t just going to write a book about it.  He was going to live it! 

Unger made a plan to move to Churchill, Manitoba, a flat, gray place on the Hudson Bay in northern Canada accessible only by train or plane. For a few months out of the year, as the bay starts to freeze, tiny Churchill boasts as many polar bears as it does people.

Unger packed up his wife and three small kids, and set out with a big bold idea. He wanted to write the quintessential requiem of how human-caused climate change was killing off these magnificent beasts.

The guy listened to all of the blathering idiocy about the poly bears and moved his entire family up to a very cold place. 

“My humble plan was to become a hero of the environmental movement. I was going to go up to the Canadian Arctic, I was going to write this mournful elegy for the polar bears, at which point I’d be hailed as the next coming of John Muir and borne aloft on the shoulders of my environmental compatriots …

Well, the best made plans ……….. Smile 

“So when I got up there, I started realizing polar bears were not in as bad a shape as the conventional wisdom had led me to believe, which was actually very heartening, but didn’t fit well with the book I’d been planning to write.

No doubt, hot rod, no doubt.

“… There are far more polar bears alive today than there were 40 years ago. … In 1973, there was a global hunting ban. So once hunting was dramatically reduced, the population exploded. This is not to say that global warming is not real or is not a problem for the polar bears. But polar bear populations are large, and the truth is that we can’t look at it as a monolithic population that is all going one way or another.”

All of that, dragging the wife and kids up to a very cold and potentially very dangerous place all because he didn’t read Suyts space.  tsk…. Disappointed smile  Sad smile

If he had read this blog, and the posts on polar bears, then he’d know the poor poley bears weren’t in trouble and that the population had been increasing


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10 Responses to Man Would Have Saved A Lot Of Time And Money If He Had Read Suyts Space!!! —- Polar Bears

  1. philjourdan says:

    The polar bears were just baiting him. And are now cursing their luck that the game got away!

  2. Latitude says:

    I guess everyone’s heard by now……manatees were never endangered

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  4. DirkH says:

    The followers of the Green movement are stupid indeed.

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