If You’re Going Hang Out Smoking Stuff And Thinking Absurdities You Just As Well Go All Out — Royal Meteorological Society


Oh, my.  Did I miss this?  I just got an email about a paper published in August.  About the only way I can describe it is that it’s an absurdity stacked upon a stupidity, wrapped in idiocy.  I can’t bring it to you in all of it’s glory because of a paywall.  Which is to the pity, because I’m certain there’s more massive stupidity in it.  But, we can have a go at the abstract…..

Weakening of hurricanes via marine cloud brightening (MCB)


This paper examines the potential to cool ocean surface waters in regions of hurricane genesis and early development. This would be achieved by seeding, with copious quantities of seawater cloud condensation nuclei (CCN), low-level maritime stratocumulus clouds covering these regions or those at the source of incoming currents. Higher cloud droplet density would increase these clouds’ reflectivity to incoming sunlight, and possibly their longevity. This approach is therefore a more localized application of the marine cloud brightening (MCB) geoengineering technique promoting global cooling. By utilizing a climate ocean/atmosphere coupled model, HadGEM1, we demonstrate that—subject to the satisfactory resolution of defined but unresolved issues—judicious seeding of maritime stratocumulus clouds might significantly reduce sea surface temperatures (SSTs) in regions where hurricanes develop. Thus artificial seeding may reduce hurricane intensity; but how well the magnitude of this effect could be controlled is yet to be determined.

We also address the important question as to how MCB seeding may influence precipitation. GCM modelling indicates that the influence of seeding on undesirable rainfall reductions depends on its location and magnitude. Much more work on this topic is required. Copyright © 2012 Royal Meteorological Society

Okay, forget about simply assuming this is possible.  And forget about wondering if it is even desirable.  Let’s just look for the evidence of the relationship of SST’s to hurricane intensity.  …..uhmm….

Here’s the PDI for the same time period


Here are the ACE values……





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2 Responses to If You’re Going Hang Out Smoking Stuff And Thinking Absurdities You Just As Well Go All Out — Royal Meteorological Society

  1. miked1947 says:

    Bill Gates wanted to do something like that a few years back. Something about solar and wind powered ships that sent water particles into the upper atmosphere.

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