What Form Of Currency Are We Going To Put Zero On??


I got this email from Vickie, (her hubby sent it to me first). 

Where to put #44

Where, oh where — to put Obama’s picture.
George Washington, our nation’s first president and leader of the American Revolution!

Abe Lincoln, honorable leader who pulled our nation through its darkest time!

Alexander Hamilton, founding father, first Secretary of the Treasury and leader of the constitutional convention!

Andrew Jackson, “Old Hickory ” fought the British in New Orleans !

Ulysses Grant, Union army general, led the North through the Civil War!

Ben Franklin, genius inventor, political theorist and leading author of the Constitution.

What are we going to put Zero on?  Hmm………

Finally, we have someone to put on the food stamp!!!
Obama’s policies have put more people on welfare than any president before him, so this placement is most appropriate. Unlike the Nobel Peace Prize, for which he did nothing, this is an “honor” he richly deserves.

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7 Responses to What Form Of Currency Are We Going To Put Zero On??

  1. HankH says:

    Here’s another good one:

  2. Bruce says:

    You can buy an Obama $1 trillion note on Ebay for $1.89.

    And when the Treasury mints the $1 trillion coin, you’ll get Barack on the front and Joe on the back. Twofer the price of one. Collectible!

  3. tckev says:

    O will be on the new renminbi-Dollar note.
    Next year you’ll need the Billion renminbi-Dollar note just for a gallon of gas.

  4. kim2ooo says:

    Benghazi currency?

  5. philjourdan says:

    Given his policies, I like the Food Stamp, but they are not really in use these days. Instead, we need a new bill (to buy bread with), modeled on another leader just like him: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=100+trillion+dollar+bill&id=6A4A4D51F6EDEDB768533BE1355668823508ABE5&FORM=IQFRBA

    After he is gone, that is the smallest bill that will buy anything.

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