How Serious Is The Left In Preventing Gun Violence? –They Play Drinking Games During Testimony!


Again from Twitchy…..

Conn. Sen. Beth Bye plays Twitter ‘drinking game’ during gun hearing, deletes account

While the story of the heckling that wasn’t a heckling at a Connecticut hearing on guns was making the rounds of just about every cable news channel and Left-leaning website yesterday, another tidbit from that meeting has been leaking out slowly. While Second Amendment supporters answering a question have been branded nationally as “animals” exhibiting “repulsive” behavior, Connecticut state senator Beth Bye is coming under fire for posting to Twitter and Facebook during that same meeting, according to

#SusanCampbell #BethBye play drinking game at hearing on GUNSafety! Scrubs fb pageback2Nov @nhregister @TwitchyTeam


Don’t let them lie and tell people they care.  They don’t.  The only thing they care about is disarming the public. 

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17 Responses to How Serious Is The Left In Preventing Gun Violence? –They Play Drinking Games During Testimony!

  1. philjourdan says:

    I wonder if she is related to the math teacher in Colorado? Krunk Bear

  2. HankH says:

    Every time you hear “law abiding” … we drink.

    It concerns us “law abiding” citizens that jackwagons like Susan Cambell and her cohorts are getting paid for their incompetence and insulting behavior.

  3. tckev says:

    Second Amendment supporters should keep their eye on Twitter.
    It sure would have been better if they found out about the drinking game, then prefix all replies with a stanza of “law abiding, law abiding, law abiding, law abiding, law abiding”, knowing that they were going to hospitalize a bunch of lefty slimeballs.

  4. kim2ooo says:

    Snicker …My Brother always says; “Know your job – And know it well!”

    “They apparently couldn’t start it,” Bean 51, is quoted as saying in a police report. “I had to tell him four different times to push in the clutch, because it’s a standard transmission.”…215110818.html

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