Global Warming Is Accelerating Sea Level Rise?

Some of the US’s top scientists have gathered to write a massive bit of sophistry and stupidity.  (230pg pdf)  It’s a report about sea levels and whatnot and the Coastal Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerabilities.  It’s part of a larger report the 2013 National Climate Assessment.

Much of the report simply ignores recent findings and metrics.  They proclaim assumptions as fact and come up with the most absurd conclusions.  I’m not going to address each and every one of them, but I will highlight an obvious contradiction.  The report states,

“The warming atmosphere is expected to accelerate sea-level rise as a result of the decline of glaciers and ice sheets and the thermal expansion of sea water.”

Later in the report they give us this graphic.


If warming is related to the sea level rate of rise, then we must be in a very cool time period.

They continue with their reality denying……

Although the climate is warming at a global scale,……

While they do mention the classical period of time is 30 years as defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), they seem oblivious to the last 15 years.  It’s as if it never happened.



Then they make this fantastic claim and accompany it with a graph…….

[C]ompelling scientific observations from tide gauge records and, more recently, satellite altimetry (Figures 2-5, 2-6) show that sea-level rise has been increasing since about the mid-19th century from an average of 1.7 millimeters/year during the 20th century to a current rate of greater than 3 millimeters/year, which represent a significant increase in the past two decades over 20th century rates


Utter unadulterated sophistry and intentional deception.  First of all, upon examining the available tidal gauges, we find there isn’t sufficient records dating back to the 19th century to make such a determination.  There simply isn’t enough coverage and continuity.  There isn’t even enough coverage and continuity to make such a determination for the blue line, Holgate and Woodworth (2004).  Then to conflate other metrics(satellite) into the gauge metrics is simply another absurdity.  The satellite record in and of itself conflates different measurements into the same record.  Even still, the authors ignore recent event.  The sea level rate is not accelerating, it is decelerating.

Here’s a conflation of the satellite record……


Notice the slope.  Is that 3.2mm/yr?

Even with the ridiculous inclusions of obviously errant data, we see the rate of rise decelerating and it never reaches their imaginary 3.2mm/yr.

Here’s Topex/Poseidon


Here’s Jason I


Here’s Jason II


The 3.2mm/yr rate of rise is simply an invention of the lunatics and ignores actual data.  The conflation of data sets to determine the past rate of rise is also simply an invention in the minds of the lunatics.  The past geological record is in direct conflict with what the lunatic alleged scientists tell us about the relationship between a supposed warmer world and sea level rate of rise.  Only by cherry-picking time frames and conflation of data sets do they get anywhere close to their imaginary acceleration.  Then they make this laughable claim……

Based on numerous scientific studies, there is very high confidence (>9 in 10 chance) that global mean sea level will rise at least 0.2 meters and no more than 2.0 meters by 2100 (Parris et al., 2012).

Oh, well, as long as they have that narrowed down, now we know.


The report has many other delusional assertions.  They blather about ocean acidification as if they can go back in time and invent measurements we know they never had.  They also make other stupid assertions like, “increased uptake of atmospheric carbon dioxide by the oceans has increased ocean acidity that threatens coral reefs and shellfish.”

There’s something in this report for everyone.  Mostly, it serves as a resource to point and laugh at the US’s supposed scientists.

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5 Responses to Global Warming Is Accelerating Sea Level Rise?

  1. Latitude says:

    ok, since it’s seems I picked up your bug through osmosis….my brain is not working
    Someone do the math for me… inches, how much are they saying sea level rise is…in the past 50 years?

    My family bought this property in the very early 1900’s. As the grandkids came along, my grandfather put in concrete steps on the concrete dock for us. Sea levels have not changed here one bit……the highest of any marine growth is still in the exact same place it was when I was a baby….and I still have the scars from that urchin to prove it!

    • suyts says:

      Looking at the 3rd graph and drawing straight perpendicular lines from 1960 they’re saying the MSL has increased by about ~80 mm or ~ 31.5 inches.

    • klem says:

      Gauging sea level rise by observing marine growth on a dock is not accurate. Observing changes in shoreline is not accurate either. People forget that the land on which they live rises and falls independently of sea level. Where I live sea level has been rising about 6 inches per century, but 200 miles north it is rising 10 inches per century, but 200 miles to the south the ocean is actually falling about 3 inches per century. It is not actually the sea which is rising and falling, its the land. Land moves up and down, it bends, it warps, it never stops moving. So observing marine growth on a dock is really only a measure of local ‘relative sea level’ rise, not actual sea level rise.


  2. tckev says:

    This is based on numerous scientific studies, mixed with mendacity, deception, stupidity and irrelevance, I can state with a very high confidence (>9 in 10 chance) that this will get too much exposure on the news wires. As a publication on paper this is a valuable resource for heat production through incandescent oxidation.
    I have an electronic version filed in the “Bollix dressed as research” folder.

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