Shock News!! Lunatics Overestimated Global Warming!!!


Surprised smileYa think?!?!?!??!?!???  Surprised smile 


Draft UN climate report shows 20 years of overestimated global warming, skeptics warn: Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer: ‘Their predictions have largely failed, 4 times in a row’

Yeh, CO2 is kicking our arses!!!


Doltish buffoons. 

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14 Responses to Shock News!! Lunatics Overestimated Global Warming!!!

  1. gator69 says:

    John Kerry to the rescue!

    • philjourdan says:

      All that will get you is his self promotion, and his support team dead.

      After seeing that Hillary’s neglect did cost lives, they hired someone who did the same thing – 40 years ago.

      • gator69 says:

        We just confirmed a man that believes climate change is the biggest threat we face. Pew polling last week shows that Americans consider climate change to be the least concerning of 21 topics presented to them.

        Our government is… Tone. Deaf.

  2. gator69 says:

    Better send a chorus of singing telegrams to Al Gorzeera…

    “Al Jazeera, like Current, believes that facts and truth lead to a better understanding of the world around us.” Al Gore said in a statement attempting to justify his sale of the foundering Current TV.

    Read more:

  3. Latitude says:

    the biggest problem is that people loose the ball…
    …it’s not the rise in CO2……’s the feedback
    The whole problem with it……..that has never happened before….nada, never
    There is no such thing as “run away global warming”

    ….of course the fact that CO2 has continued it’s rise at the same slope
    and has no effect on temps…..does not help them one bit

    can’t blame it on the sun….orbit….white roofs…..either

  4. HankH says:

    The IPCC graph you refer to is just a draft version which still has a number of problems that will be ironed out,” Potsdam University physics professor Stefan Rahmstorf told

    In other words, a few arbitrary “minor” adjustments to the graphs and viola, global warming will be more ominous than ever before. I wonder what they’re going to adjust? The temperature record or just move the linear trend up on the Y axis for a better fit?

  5. Latitude says:

    yeah but, they’ve tricked us all into looking at temps…

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