Gems on the Sword — Power and Peace — Jan 29


Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

Power and Peace January 29

Scripture Selection: Psalm 29:1-2, 11; Proverbs 29:25; Col. 1:11-13

Food for Thought: Col. 1:11

You can have both power and peace while at the same time just trusting and glorifying the Lord! While power and peace may not seem to go together, they most certainly do. This is how the Lord works in us.

The more we trust Him and glorify Him, the more He strengthens and empowers us to confidently handle anything we face. In some versions of the Bible, we’re told that He glorifies us. The word glorify, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, means “to give honor or high praise to; exalt.” He lifts us up in power in the face of the enemy. The revelation of this word causes us to have confidence, and confidence produces peace in the heart. And we dwell in peace because the enemy is defeated by His power.

So we’re never helpless, nor hopeless, no matter what the circumstances. His Word promises to bring us to a place of victory if we’ll just trust Him, apply the Word, and keep glorifying Him. What a blessing, and it’s ours for the trusting!

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2 Responses to Gems on the Sword — Power and Peace — Jan 29

  1. Bruce says:

    I would also add a very famous teaching that Christ gave to his disciples. Mixing my metaphors, if you have a firm foundation you are armor plated against the challenges coming from the world, whatever they may be.

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