Gems on the Sword — Trust God — Jan 28


Guest post Jeanette Andrade

Trust God January 28

Scripture Selection: Psalm 28:7-8; Proverbs 28:25; Hebrews 2:13

Food for Thought: Heb. 2:13

Life can get pretty complicated, and the problems can be serious, but the solution is simple: Trust God. But what about …? What if …? A thousand doubts, concerns, and uncertainties can flood your mind, but the answer is the same. Trust God.

Where else can you go for peace of mind during tough times? Who else can you trust with such matters? God never meant for you to handle stress alone. That’s why he filled His Word with the loving and firm call to trust Him and the promise that He is more than capable of resolving any problem. Nothing is impossible for God!

So instead of facing things alone and carrying the burdens, cast those cares on Him, and don’t pick them up again. Trust God.

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