American Demonstrate They Prefer Form Over Substance!


And they did vote for Obama and Christie will have smooth sailing for Governor because after the photo op, Christie’s potential rival Newark Mayor Cory Booker said he wouldn’t run.  Another potential rival, State Sen. Richard Codey just announced he won’t run, specifically mentioning the photo op people call Sandy.

He said he believed he could have made it a real race, but is not sure how quickly he could tighten the gap in polls.

He pointed to a poll done before Superstorm Sandy hit that showed Christie ahead of him by only 6 points in a hypothetical matchup.

“The shine form Sandy obviously will wear off,” he said.

Oh, yeh, Barry Zero and Ahab’s fixation did such a great job!

Sandy victims left out in the cold during arctic blast

The brutal cold snap affecting much of the country is taking a devastating toll on victims of superstorm Sandy, many of whom are camped out in tent cities or living in homes without power, heat or running water.

Those unable to get proper lodging have hunkered down in their homes without the basic necessities of heat, electricity, or running water.

“Many families in Union Beach are using space heaters to warm upstairs,” said Jeanette Van Houten, a resident from the small New Jersey town that was among the hardest-hit communities. “There’s people with no heat, no electric, but they are staying in the house because it’s better than having to deal with FEMA and having to leave hotels every two weeks.

imageIn the meantime, the world’s smallest tyrant is running around the country trying to steal people’s guns while his own people are freezing in tents.

Residents of the New Dorp Beach section of Staten Island have taken shelter in tents set up by aid workers with only small propane heaters, sleeping bags and blankets to stave off the bone-chilling cold, according to reports.

In the Queens neighborhood of Breezy Point, one of the most storm-ravaged areas of the region, residents lined up at the local recovery center this week to pick up donated ceramic space heaters. Many of the suffering residents in the five boroughs of New York City say their homes still are barely habitable, despite the city’s so-called Rapid Repairs program that was supposed to make their homes livable quickly.

According to the city, construction teams for the Rapid Repairs program have restored heat, hot water and power to more than 12,000 city residents, with work still to be completed in another 1,900 buildings.

I don’t know why people won’t run against Christie, this is becoming a national disgrace.  The president, governor, and mayor are all national disgraces.  But, the worst disgrace is the people who put them in the positions they are in today.

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12 Responses to American Demonstrate They Prefer Form Over Substance!

  1. Jim Masterson says:

    If Christie wins the Republican nomination for President, I’m becoming a Democrat. I might as well join the enemy.


  2. jimash1 says:

    It is just insult added to injury that this traumatic weather event
    had such an effect on the national election.
    Believe me, I only voted for Christie because I could see that there was something wrong with Jon Corzine, an intuition that has proven correct.
    Nevertheless, every day there are stories on the local news and in the paper about these people living still with some miserable conditions and getting very little response from their insurance companies or FEMA or anyone and I wonder.
    What happened to all that Springstein, Bon Jovi money ?
    How come these guys aren’t showing up and rescuing these people ?

    • suyts says:

      Because it’s form or substance. They don’t really want to do anything, they want to be seen as doing something. It’s an outrage. It’s been 3 months!

      Good call on the Corzine thing.

      • Me says:

        And the Dimocrits will spin this and blame it on the Repubs no doubt. The funny thing is it will most likely work with the LSM’s help yet again.

        • jimash1 says:

          ” LSM’s help yet again”

          Well that is the thing right there. They have completely hijacked, tied, gagged, and drugged the debate, over anything.
          They own the conversation, and they are feeling their oats .
          All the repressed hate fear and guilt, projected out to the rest of us via a compliant media,
          now constitutes the whole of the spectrum of opinion, news, and information.

          So I can understand why the Republican small-wigs would think that ropa-dope is probably a viable strategy at the moment.

        • Me says:

          And even then they have an enemy with in making video for the LSM to spin it and still don’t understane who is doing it, Really?

        • Me says:


      • suyts says:

        Oh, no doubt they’ll try. And, if the public keeps their “form over substance” preference, this is exactly what they’ continue to get.

    • cdquarles says:

      What I find interesting is that the ‘national’ media do not report this, while they relentlessly did report ‘news’ re: New Orleans and Katrina (leaving out other areas affected by Katrina and areas affected by other storms later in the same year or subsequent years). By the way, there is still wrangling going on about Katrina in and around NO, LA.

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