Off And Running For A Bit!


Today has me moving and shaking ……. in real world, not on the PC.  So,  I don’t have time for much posting, right now.  I’ll be back later.  In the mean time, we can use this as an open thread part of the day.

I’m working on a little project.  I’m looking for data for ENSO going back 100 years or so. 

NOAA has this….


But, I’d like more history, and data.  Does anyone know where I can get my hands on this?

Happy Inauguration Day….. or something. 

Spain’s bankers are prepared to go on strike!  And ECB’s Weidmann says bond buy conditions problematic: paper —- no doubt! 


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11 Responses to Off And Running For A Bit!

  1. philjourdan says:

    Inauguration was yesterday. Just Obama putting pomp over substance again.

  2. DirkH says:

    Obama condensed – inauguration word cloud.
    America People Must Believe!

  3. HankH says:

    Here is some course ENSO data going back to 1868. The data originates from the Japanese Meteorological Agency’s (JMA) SSTA database. The database maintained by FSU is password protected (I tried to access it and encountered a login screen). There is an on-line contact at the bottom of the page. Alternately, you may try searching JMA’s web site or contacting them directly to obtain the database.

  4. Scott says:

    Hi James,

    I would ask Bob Tisdale for history, data, and caveats that come with them.


  5. Robin ! says:


    I’ve downloaded this in the past and done quite a bit of work on it. Have looked again at this file just now very briefly. If you are interested in the **large-scale past behaviour** of MEI I can tell you that from the start of the data to about 1920 was a period of overall slight increase, with large excursions in both directions. An abrupt rise occurred in mid 1920s followed by a period of general decline until around 1976 ( the time of the very abrupt change in PDO and many land sites in the north eastern Pacific eg Alaska). MEI step changed then, remaining roughly constant since that time. Over the whole period the MEI trend was positive (slope 0.00523, t value 8.405 , thus very highly significant even allowing for serial correlation) Residual std dev 0.9758 – close to 0.9966 because that was the SD of the original data and RSq was only 0.04183 despite the high significance of the slope. If you’d like some plots I’ll need an email address to send them as GIFs. Distribution of MEI is not normal, Skewness 0.3227 and Kurtosis -0.00954, with its JB statistic 28.1, so very clearly NOT normal.

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