Whatever…. We Know… Maybe

Well, let’s see if I can hit 50/50 again?!!!

Sunday, January 20, 3:00 pm ET

Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia

49ers  (11-4-1)

Falcons (13-3)

SF or Atlanta? Can I defer? No? Okay……

Brass tacks, Atlanta has the better personnel. SF has the better team. But, only because of the coaching. It comes down to how good SF’s defense is. If they’re up to the task, they win. Atlanta has a great collection of talent. But, their coach is an imbecile when it comes to game-time situations.

I’m picking Atlanta, but, I’d dearly love for SF to take advantage of their stupidity at some point.

Sunday, January 20, 6:30 pm ET

Ravens (10-6)

Patriots (12-4)


Coaching, players, Ravens, Patriots……. Pats win.  I don’t want them to, but, they’re the better team.  They’re at home.  They should win. 

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46 Responses to Whatever…. We Know… Maybe

  1. Gene Nemetz says:

    I don’t trust the Atl defense to make Atl my choice. I’m trusting the SF defense. Also, SF may be riding high from last week. They will be tough to stop. I’m taking SF.

    I, like you, don’t want NE to win. Balt has loose ends from coaching not yet ready for the prime time big ones–they got breaks that help them beat Denver. But regardless, their experience may take the day. These two teams know each other from big battles over the years. I don’t know who to pick in this one. On paper it’s NE. But that ‘paper’ burns up quick in the playoffs—it can’t last in the fire of the pressure of do or die games. I just am really worried that the officiating won’t help Baltimore like it did last week and New England will win.

    I’m hoping for a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh Super Bowl.

  2. Jim Masterson says:

    I want you to be 100% wrong, but I think you’ll be 100% right, unfortunately.


  3. Vickie says:

    I want the 49er’s and the Pats to win… 🙂

  4. suyts says:

    I’m waiting for the Atlanta coaches to do something real stupid.

    • Gene Nemetz says:

      Matty ice has covered for their shortcomings so far.

    • suyts says:

      So far, but, you know it’s coming! 😀

      What happened to the defense of SF?

      • Gene Nemetz says:

        Good question. SF better be up by more than 8 in the last 2 minutes! But I still trust them. I don’t trust the Atlanta defense. Maybe they’d like to cover Vernon Davis today, who knows.

      • suyts says:

        LOL, they just might decide to cover Davis at some point. But, I think the White/Jones/Gonzalez receiving corps is too much for SF.

        • Gene Nemetz says:

          They’ve made enough in adjustments to slow them down. I think it’s Matt Ryan and not the receivers, though Gonzales has a ton of experience.

          The question is now what will the Atlanta defense do now that the SF offense is rolling?

          And man, Kaepernick is fast!

  5. Gene Nemetz says:

    Time out in the third qtr? You may be seeing Atlanta blink………………

  6. Gene Nemetz says:

    The big blitz made the Arctic bird cough up the rock.

  7. Gene Nemetz says:

    You CAN’T go the the QB’s head. It’s simple.

  8. Gene Nemetz says:

    A missed FG and a fumble on the goal line have kept SF from walking away with this one…. so far.

  9. suyts says:

    Atlanta’s play selection on that last series was simply stupid.

  10. suyts says:

    LOL, bet they wish they had that timeout they wasted earlier back!

  11. suyts says:

    That was their last play? What was that?

  12. Bruce says:

    Only caught the last quarter but that long drive by Brady was excellent, and SF defense were just just good enough. Died in a ditch at the 4 yd line.

    Wish I caught the rest of the game, but our station will probably replay it later in the week Thursday or so.

    • suyts says:

      There was quite a contrast between the 1st and 2nd halves. SF defense came up huge in the 2nd half.

      • Gene Nemetz says:

        Atlanta just doesn’t have the depth, the character, to fight all the way through the big games. They really do need a new coaching staff. But I think their rich owner doesn’t understand football. So he moves along not knowing what needs to be done to be better in these tough games—he ends up being on the sidelines on tv at the end of these games with sad looks on his face every year.

      • suyts says:

        Exactly true. Atlanta had every opportunity to get it done, they just failed. And will continue to fail until something changes.

  13. Gene Nemetz says:

    Brady spikes Reed and the refs weren’t on the ball to call the personal foul.

  14. Gene Nemetz says:

    Baltimore doesn’t have an officiating style that helps them like last week. This crew is letting it be a bit dirty—right up New England’s alley.

  15. Gene Nemetz says:

    There are some hard hits going on in this one. Two teams that don’t have a taste to lose. 4th qtr could be a classic.

  16. Gene Nemetz says:

    Amazing that wasn’t called helmet to helmet.

  17. suyts says:

    NE better get with it or they’ll be watching the SB from the living room.

  18. Gene Nemetz says:

    Harbaugh–Harbaugh, wow, tough pick. But SF is better coached. And they have a tad better talent—especially at QB.

    I’m taking SF.

  19. philjourdan says:

    I was perfect this weekend! Perfectly wrong. I did get one thing right. I stated earlier that the Harbaughs win together and lose together. I just did not get WHAT they would do together correct.

    never the less, it is actually the best outcome for me. NE is out (I hate cheaters). My mother has her precious 49ers in the SuperBowl, and while not “my team”, I like the Ravens, so we can have another bet on the game!

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