Gems on the Sword


Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

Love Him, Love His Word January 19

Scripture Selection: Psalm 19:7-11; Proverbs 19:16; I John 2:3-6

Food for Thought: I John 2:5

How can a person say he “loves” God when he disregards, ignores, or treats lightly what God says?! It is impossible to love Him without loving His Word. It is the same in the natural. When a person really loves another, he hangs on every word that is spoken by the one he loves. What the beloved says is important.

For years I mentioned every so often that I really like the sound of the violin and would love to learn to play it some day. Those closest to me were the only ones that knew my secret desire. Well, tears filled my eyes and I became utterly speechless when I opened a Christmas gift given me by my son. A violin! How special it was to me to know that he knows me and has heard what I have expressed from my heart. He paid attention to my deepest yearnings. That’s love.

And that’s how we show love to our Lord. We hear His Word and act on it.

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Confession of Faith: ________________________________________________________________

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