It’s Already Been Stated, But This is Worthwhile —- Alaska And The Lies



A place where I happily say I once lived there. 

We’ve all recently read about how it turns out that Alaska isn’t really the fastest warming place on earth or in the US.  Tom Nelson did a good job of covering that.  I don’t really care about one isolated place on the earth warming or cooling. It demonstrates nothing except the continued idiocy of the warmista.

In my journeys, I was looking into some other stupid claims by the alarmists, and I stumbled across this. 

Roger Pielke was going on about the anti-science alarmists misrepresenting flooding studies

Now, flooding is something which would hold my interest because it’s become a recent meme of the lunatics but, I’ve found nothing to suggest that flooding is globally increasing.  Pielke references “[t]he US Global Change Research Program has released a draft national assessment on climate change (here in PDF) …..”  (WARNING HUGE PDF!!)

So while looking for flood data, my eyes can’t help but find these little jewels……

Rapid warming in Alaska has resulted in infrastructure impacts due to thawing of permafrost and the loss of coastal sea ice that once protected shorelines from storms and wave-driven coastal erosion (Ch. 2, 3, 5, 6, 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25). ……

Other impacts, such as those associated with the rapid thawing of  permafrost in Alaska, are unique to one U.S. region  ……

They even give us a nice little temp graph for Alaska…..



Permafrost is thawing in many parts of Alaska, a trend that not only affects habitats and infrastructure, but also mobilizes subsurface water and reroutes surface water in ways not previously witnessed (Romanovsky et al. 2011; Smith et al. 2010). All of these trends are projected to become even more pronounced as the climate continues to warm.

Well, there’s much more to document.  The paper actually references Alaska 436 times.  But, maybe that’s appropriate.  It is the largest state in the US by quite a bit. 

But, here’s the point.  This is a draft report.  It contains what should be the most current information.  It doesn’t.  They blather and drone on and on about melting this, or warming that, or thawing this.  But, none of it is true.  It may have been true in 2004.  But, it’s not 2004 anymore.  THAT WAS NINE YEARS AGO!!!!

So, this leads us to a few questions.  Was the paper reporting the decadal decrease in Alaska temps (nice small pdf) wrong?  No, it wasn’t.  If anyone is worried about the spatial coverage, here’s a map of the stations.


That’s pretty good spatial coverage!  As far as figuring a mean, well, that’s just basic math.  It isn’t that tricky.  So, that question is answered.  More questions….

Are our scientists current?  Did they bother to check before they droned on and on?  It very well could be that they are not.  But, that calls into question their competency…… in a very big way!!!  They’re going to mention Alaska 436 times in the paper and not check to see if the basis of their premise is correct?  That’s not science.  That’s idiocy.  It just basic math to check. 

Now, there is an alternative explanation for their huge error.  It could be that they were current and they did check, but didn’t like the results and so ignored them.  But, that implies some horrific malfeasance on their part.  If this is the explanation, then not only are they to be disregarded as pretend scientists, we need to have a criminal prosecution for misappropriation of government funds and they need to go to prison. 

If they wish to engage in lies, that’s fine.  We have the freedom to do so.  But, they can’t do it on our dime.  Obama and Holder won’t be in office forever.  It’s time to hold these people accountable.  

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