Gems on the Sword —— Jan 15


Guest Post by Jeanette Andrade

Preventing a Fall January 15

Scripture Selection: Psalm 15:1-5; Proverbs 15:24; 2Peter 1:10

Food for Thought: 2 Peter 1:10

Why do some Christians seem to have so many ups and downs? One day they are on fire, and the next they are cold as stone. One day they appear so happy, and the next they are leaving offended. That’s why God’s Kingdom in some places seems to have stalled. There’s just too much instability in the hearts of some believers.

The book of Peter has the solution: Focus on your election and calling. Make them “sure,” or secure. Keep your eyes focused on the things above. Be quick to forgive offense. In the bigger picture, petty disputes are insignificant. Someone stepping on your toes means nothing compared to the high calling of Christ Jesus and the tremendous value of the Body of Christ. That’s why the Word tells us to bear with one another in love.

He has such great plans for you! Don’t let them be delayed because of some fleshly incident or desire. Build your house, your life, your aspirations, on the Rock, not on your feelings. Then, when the storms come, you will not be moved.

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3 Responses to Gems on the Sword —— Jan 15

  1. gator69 says:

    I am constantly wondering just what God’s plan is for me. I feel pushed and pulled at times, but have had no great revelation, and simply try to do right by everyone I encounter. I fail alot. But I also hope and pray that when the day comes for me to perform whatever task He requires, I will do it without having to think about it. And it is possible that I may never realize that “it” has been accomplished.

    I often think of Mitch Albom’s book “The Five People you Meet in Heaven”, and wonder.

    Do the right things for the right reasons, and you can never go wrong.

    • suyts says:

      Exactly Gator! For me, I have to look back. When I do, I realize I wasn’t being very receptive and that He simply moved me to where I needed to be. Sometimes, it takes a sledge hammer for us hard heads. 😉

    • J Sue says:

      Your comments echo those of so many people who wonder just what God’s calling is for their lives. I usually tell them to be faithful in what is right in front of them, and God will open doors. Then, before you know it, you are already functioning in God’s calling for you. Also, if you don’t know what God’s calling is for your life, at least you know what it is NOT (anything that displeases the Father, and usually it is also anything that you have not been gifted to do, i.e.) I stumbled into my calling quite by accident.

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