Politihack Responds!!!


Well, I didn’t expect much.  So, I’m not disappointed.  As noted in my post, I contacted Politifact for a response.   Here it is…..

I think you need to read our complete report as this is discussed in our story from December.

To that, I responded in this manner…..

Dear Mz Holan,

Thanks for responding.

I have read your report, and re-read it. It’s an interesting form of a strawman argument and conflation of statements. Further, while you people did a fine job in detailing some history, you managed to entirely ignore other parts of the greater discussion.

You claim the ad was the “Lie of the Year”. But, it was the speech with which you had difficulties with. Yes, it is shocking that our politicians would state mistruths in a speech. But, that’s not what you called the “Lie of the Year”.

Reviewing the ad, again, we see that there is no misstatement of facts. And, in fact, we see Romney’s claim of Fiat opening Jeep production in China coming to fruition.

Now, contrast this to the Obama’s campaign and their frequent accusations towards Bain Capitol and tying Romney to Bain’s business in China and other places. Is doing business in China a good thing or a bad thing? Apparently, in the minds of Obama supporters, such as Politifact, it is a good thing when Obama’s fingerprints are on it, but bad when Romney’s and presumably any other persons with whom you ideologically disagree.

Obama did insist on selling Chrysler to the Italians. Chrysler did go through the bankruptcy managed by Obama. Jeep production in China will happen.

Further, I don’t know the criteria used for consideration of the “Lie of the Year”, but seeing that it isn’t confined to campaign seasons, I’m even more shocked by this selection. How about imaginary protests leading to the deaths of Americans on foreign soil? You did mention the Obama add insinuating Romney had been running amok killing spouses of steel workers, but some how, statements of facts trump the ‘angel of death’ accusations in consideration for “Lie of the Year”.

But, just so we’re clear, is it your and Politifact’s position that statements of facts are lies more egregious than outright lies?

I don’t have a problem with political advocacy. I engage in it all the time. The difference is, I don’t pretend to be unbiased, and I try to convince people to see things my way, not by advancing lies, but engaging in a factual discussion. For outfits such as Politifact, it is impossible to do because, for you, facts are lies and lies are facts. It concerns me that in a small way, you people are helping build some Orwellian dystopia which has made people all too comfortable in saying anything to advance a political ideology without regard to the truth.


James Sexton


I’ll keep you all posted if there are further exchanges. 

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14 Responses to Politihack Responds!!!

  1. Jim Masterson says:

    I think their second response will be shorter than the first.


  2. philjourdan says:

    Nice windmill Don Quixote. That was a form letter response.

  3. miked1947 says:

    Dear Concerned reader:
    Thank you for reading our wonderful web site. We welcome all of your praises and appreciate your thoughts on this important matter. You see not every one agrees with us like you do! Those evil Republicans must be stopped in their attempts to disgrace our wonderful leader.
    Editor- in- Chief
    Politifact! 😉

  4. HankH says:

    I’m surprised they answered you the first time. I’ll be even more surprised if they answer you a second time after being confronted with the truth, which does not compute for them. You see, there are two simple rules that the LSM uses to determine truth:

    1) If Zero says it, it’s the truth.
    2) In the event that facts do not support what Zero says, refer back to rule #1.

    • suyts says:

      Indeed. The lie of the year is a fact filled ad. Out lying imaginary protests which got out of hand and killed Americans. Out lying ads portraying Romney as some angel of death killing spouses of steel workers.

      • HankH says:

        By the two rule system, those are truths because Zero said them. Facts are nothing more than irrelevant misdirections by those who don’t follow the rules. If you want Obamabucks, an Obamacellufone and a pat on the head for being a model sheep, you need to follow the rules. Facts… meh! They won’t get you nothing in this day of age.

        Politihack spews Obamatruths and that’s all the sheep need for their survival.

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