Store Owner/Grandmother Stops Knife Wielding Robber! With GUN!!!!


Ahh, the old bringing a knife to a gun fight!  Sweet!!!!

From Townhall

When CNN’s Piers Morgan goes on his anti-Second Amendment rants, he never acknowledges the drop in the overall U.S. violent crime rate. In the past ten years, more people than ever have received concealed carry permits and are arming themselves in their homes and on their property. As a result, rape, murder and assault are down. Responsible armed citizens stop violent crimes from happening everyday. The latest news comes from Wisconsin where an armed grandmother stopped the robbery of a grocery story and saved herself from a knife slashing in the process.

Robberies happen far too often, but a robber coming face-to-face with a gun-carrying grandmother is a little more rare.
Ernestine Aldana owns a grocery store near the corner of Muskego Avenue and Becher Street in Milwaukee. On Dec. 14, Aldana was working in the store when a man entered the store and pulled a knife on her.
“I was really scared,” she said.
But as the man reached for cash from the drawer, Aldana pulled a gun from underneath the counter.
“I didn’t think,” she said. “I didn’t remember what was being said. I just took a step back, grabbed the gun and that was that.”
As the gun came out, the man ran away.
Aldana said she and her husband have owned the grocery store for just over two years and have not encountered any problems before this. She said her son bought the gun for their protection, but they never thought they would have to use it.

The last sentence there is key. Anti-Second Amendment gun grabbers portray gun owners as crazed killers when in reality, they purchase firearms for self-protection in hopes they’ll never have to use them. In the case when a firearm is necessary for self defense, it’s really necessary.

This is the manifestation of the old adage, “I’d rather have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.”

For the record, I’m more in favor of open carry than I am concealed carry. 

Speaking of Piers, Breitbart’s editor-at-large, Ben Shapiro debated Piers on CNN last night.  It was worth watching. 

From the debate, we see that Piers doesn’t like to be called out for his abhorrent behavior.  Shapiro did a fine job in presenting his case, though, I wish he’d taken the conversation to other places at times.  But, that’s difficult to do when you’re talking to someone like Morgan. 

Piers managed to rankle just about every conservative tuned into the show by calling a copy of the US Constitution a “little book”.   Ben brought it in and gave it to Morgan at the beginning of the show. 

“You come in here, brandish your little book as if I don’t know what’s in there–”

“My little book? That’s the Constitution of the United States. It’s our founding document, Piers.” 

“I know what’s in your Constitution.” 

“Do you really?”

You can read a full transcript of the 15 minute interview here

I do wish that more defenders of our rights would start expressing the notion that existence without Liberty is not living.   There will be, at times, tragic consequences of our freedoms.  This is the cost.  Freedom means the ability to fail.  And, failure will happen from time to time; sometimes a most horrid event will result from these failures.  Our founding fathers knew and understood these things.  Our fathers have fought and died for these things.  They didn’t fight for security.  They didn’t fight for safety.  They fought for Freedom! 

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17 Responses to Store Owner/Grandmother Stops Knife Wielding Robber! With GUN!!!!

  1. gator69 says:

    The “Armed Citizen” is my favorite part of my NRA magazine, and the first thing I read each issue…

  2. philjourdan says:

    I guess that is why Obama wants to kill all the grannies. They destroy his talking points.

  3. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Every time there’s a story of a tragic, unlawful shooting in the news, the public needs to be reminded of these stories. And reminded that on those days when some criminal or psychopath uses a gun illegally, tens of millions of law-abiding citizens did not. Again. Year after year.

    Piers is just bitter that our ‘little book’ came about at his country’s expense.

    • suyts says:

      I think that plays a big part in his positions. I think it’s a shame because most Brits I’ve known don’t harbor the same resentment towards Americans and their values as Morgan.

  4. jimash1 says:

    I tried to watch Piers last night, but I just couldn’t take it.
    Nobody likes it when I yell at the TV.
    But he is just such an ass, and it seems he has chosen this subject to be his stepping stone.

    Dear Piers,
    This is America. We are what we are and we are not going to change that to suit you.

  5. DaveG says:

    Piers Morgan, you are a nasty piece of work, and a typical bully boy – Boy oh Boy Ben Shapiro just kicked your Snotty nosed butt – Big Time. And I don’t even like or own a gun.,but I sure like the US Constitution more than you seen to like it!

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