How Right You Are, Ryan!


Climate Depot has posted about Ryan’s statement towards the earth’s temps on Twitter.  I should poke around my twitter account more often, but, I despise the character limitation.  It reduces us all to barely literate, monosyllabic utterers. 


Still, Ryan is spot on. 

So often we read claims about “hottest ever!!”, “hundred year trends!!!”, and the like.  They are ridiculously stupid statements.  We don’t have a clue.  HadCrut starts their data set in the 1850s, GISS in the 1880s. 


Here’s our GHCN stations at the end of 1880.  Tell me, what was the temps in South America, Africa, and the Antarctic?  Central Asia?  North Canada and Alaska?  We don’t’ have a clue.  None of this really started to change until after 1900. 


By 1940, we still had very large areas not being reported.  Arabia, Tibet, Antarctic, Greenland, North and Central Africa, the north part of South America…..  then there’s the oceans to consider which are ~3/4 of the earth’s surface. 

The facts are, we don’t know what those temps were, much less how they relate to today. 

Note:  Temperatures are not linearly related to global energy. 

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3 Responses to How Right You Are, Ryan!

  1. philjourdan says:

    We know the temperature at any one place in 2012. Apparently we still do not know the global temperature as that changes daily based upon the adjustments from Hansen.

  2. Latitude says:

    …and yet they still deny the dust bowl decade

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