Christie To Purge Party Of Conservatives!


Christie: ‘Damn right I’d be more ready’ in 2016

No Chrissy, you won’t be ready for what you have coming. 

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said in an interview published Sunday that he would be “more ready” to mount a presidential bid in 2016, after declining to run in the last presidential cycle.

“Yeah, you’re damn right I’d be more ready,” Christie said in an interview with the Newark Star-Ledger.   …..

Christie also said his experiences campaigning with Mitt Romney excited him about the possibility of seeking national office.

“I was jazzed. I was like, ‘OK, here we go.’ And Romney could tell,” Christie said.

Chrissy also gave a recent ‘State of the State’ speech.  In it he stated……

We are working together, not just as a people, in digging out from Sandy and rebuilding our economy,” Christie said. “Here in Trenton, in this chamber, we have had our fights. We have stuck to our principles. But we have established a governing model for the nation that shows that, even with heartfelt beliefs, bipartisan compromise is possible. Achievement is the result. And progress for our people is the payoff.

Let’s review what was achieved.

The jackass submarined Romney’s candidacy.  I’m not saying Romney would have won if Chrissy didn’t lavish praises on Obama, but, it certainly didn’t help.  And what did Obama do to deserve the praises?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing. 


Well, of course, he did use the moment for photo ops, thanks to Chrissy’s prostituting the people of his state for federal money that has been slow to come.   Promises were made, but the help delivered was slow in coming.  While Chrissy was on his knees, begging like a pathetic …… [fill in the blank]  other people harmed by Sandy was telling Obama that they didn’t need the distraction of his presence.   But, then, they weren’t looking to score political points at the time.  The federal aid would come with or without the photo ops.  And, the political photo ops certainly didn’t grease the wheels for any aid. 

So, this is the model for the rest of the country?  To politicize tragic events, to screw over your supposed political friends?  To make empty promises and beg for more like a drug addicted hooker?  To make your people look weak and impotent? 

Regardless of Chrissy’s and Obama’s posturing and posing, we are a nation of laws.  We have funds set aside for the various tragedies.  We have many vehicles in place to provide aid to our fellow citizens in cases of these eventualities.  What advantage did the people of New Jersey gain by Chrissy’s slobbering all over Obama?  Well, from where I’m sitting, none.  The only thing gained by all of this is that it served for Chrissy’s and Zero’s political advantage.  It also provided an opportunity for Dem senators to put so much pork in the relief bill that it made the bill impassable.  Did he have anything to say about that? 

Almost 25% of the $60-billion-plus package goes somewhere else than directly to the victims or the infrastructure actually damaged by the hurricane.  There’s spending in it like funds going to commercial fisheries in American Samoa and roof repair of museums in Washington, D.C. 

Where’s Chrissy’s input and leadership on this?  Does he think it’s okay to spend money we don’t have in a relief bill for his people?

I’ll say this, regardless of who is running as a Dem, Chrissy will not get my vote if he’s the Repub nominee.  I suspect there are many more conservatives with similar thoughts. 

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7 Responses to Christie To Purge Party Of Conservatives!

  1. Me says:

    Circle jerk. 😆

  2. philjourdan says:

    Its the republicans. Of course they are going to nominate him.

    • Me says:

      Well of course, he is Capt Ahabs White Whale. Ya could have had Ron but got a Mitten. Just saying, but not like the LSM wouldn’t have done a number on Ron either.

  3. cdquarles says:

    One of the reasons why Bush 43 stayed away from the Gulf Coast affected by Katrina, was that he did not want to bollix up the work needed to be done because of his presence. Bush 43 didn’t go to ground zero after 9/11/01 until certain details could be worked out that would limit the disruption. Presidents/governors/et al. if I am in a disaster zone, please stay away until it is much later and your security needs and photo ops are much less disruptive of the work being done and the work remaining to be done.

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