Apparently, The Point Is Don’t Register Your Guns — Gawker



This is from Gawker and asshole John Cook…. what is it about that name?

Here Is a List of All the Assholes Handsome Law-Abiding Citizens Who Own Guns Some People in New York City

Last month, the Journal News sparked a firestorm of protest when it published a mappable database of every licensed gun owner in Westchester and Rockland counties, north of New York City. The paper obtained the data—which New York state law explicitly and unambiguously demands be made public—through open records requests. The reaction was swift and furious—gun rights and privacy advocates published the names and addresses of the paper’s editors in retaliation, and the paper (ironically) hired armed guards to protect against threats.

Below is a 446-page list of every licensed gun owner in New York City. I obtained it from the NYPD two-and-a-half years ago via a Freedom of Information Law request.

Okay, so some people have their names on a list. We can fix that.

In the meantime…. assholes  …….   come get some. 

My name is James Sexton.  I live in SE Kansas, a small town, specifically, Parsons Kansas.  I’m easy to find.  I proudly own a firearm.  It is more than just a privilege or a right.  It is a civic responsibility to do so.  I keep one in the chamber for any unwanted visitors at all times. 

Let’s talk.   

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31 Responses to Apparently, The Point Is Don’t Register Your Guns — Gawker

  1. kim2ooo says:

    John Cook…. what is it about that name?

    I think, there was a movie about the SS, or sumthink, with a male ho…..

    Now, what was the name of that movie…………..hmmmmm

  2. kim2ooo says:

    WAIT !

    Maybe it was the movie about the UGLY HO who owned an SKS?

  3. HankH says:

    Now, if I were a gun toting thief, that list would be indispensable. Why rob an armed house on the list when you have a handy reference of houses that don’t have guns (those not on the list)? These people are not just idiots but so remarkable at being idiots that they belong in a class of their own – brain dead would be an unwarranted complement. By publishing the list they will cause untold harm but when did leftists ever let harm to others get in their way of championing a cause?

    Anyway, I’m with you, James.

    • suyts says:

      Those stupid SOBs. What do they think is going to happen? Are they doing this on purpose?

      It is exactly like you say. These people are encouraging violence and robbery.

  4. DirkH says:

    Guns are for pussies.

    Lars Andersen: first attempts…

    Saracen Archery: 3 arrows in 1 ½ seconds.

    …and after a little bit of training.

    Reinventing the fastest forgotten archery.

  5. philjourdan says:

    And now Gawker is whining because some people said nasty things to them. I suspect we can paint a bullseye on Gawker now since they have guns protecting them.

    Imagine that! Guns protecting people. Who would have ever thought of that???

  6. Latitude says:

    well this is one way to get around having your address listed in the phone book…..

    and a much easier way to find out where the cops, agents, etc live

    I’m sure they are real happy about this…..

  7. gator69 says:

    It is estimated we have about 300 million firearms in the US, 100 million of which are unregistered. I would bet the unregistered figure is higher, possibly much higher. I know I have plans to keep my 2nd amendment right intact, even in the worst case gun control scenario. I will not be left defenseless.

    • leftinbrooklyn says:

      Hi Gator–
      Yep, while my paperwork is filed with NYC ( and who knows how long that approval might take now), I’m beginning to think a separate trip to a gun show may be in my future.

      I would say that the real assholes would tend to be more the illegal gun owners not on the list. I bet they’re the ones committing the most crimes with it. If doing things legally makes you an asshole, one might as well go illegal also.

      • gator69 says:

        I started purchasing reloading equipment and supplies years ago. My family has firearms that have been passed down for over a century, located across the country, and we will not be giving them up. I know I am not alone.

  8. Me says:

    What is even funnier about this is, people in the area already know where the Journal News is located. So what does hiring armed guards at the Journal News do after the fact that the names and addresses of the paper’s personnel was posted in retaliation for what they did? Do they have armed guards at their homes too? 😆

  9. J Sue says:

    I wouldn’t know which way’s up on a gun, and probably would never shoot it, but I am considering buying one before the government takes away my right to do so.

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