Suyts space Reinforced By Other Climate Blogs!!! McKibben Displays Knowledge Of Physics!!!


This is kinda nice!  It isn’t that we need any vindication, but, it’s nice with other respected climate blogs hits upon the same message and conclusions as we have, then one can’t help but feel buttressed. 

The very first blog post on Suyts space was about our snow extent.  Since then, I’ve tried to make a point of visiting the issue periodically, though, I’ve posted on it so much, there’s little new to say. 

My two most recent posts, “Snow A Thing Of The Past Or Dramatic Increase?” and “Climate Reminder!!! Imaginary Warming Causes Moreless Snow!” pretty much drove the point home……. there is no snow extent change. 


All of that blathering, drooling, crapping their pants, and slack jawed mumbling from the climate lunatics and for what? 

Recently, two respected climate blogs have demonstrated the same.  Climate4you ( graph at the top is from Climate 4you) and the NoTricksZone, both have posts up about this.  They also have some interesting information about the local snow cover in Greenland…..

Greenland is melting? Where? The chart shows there is about 80,000 square km more snow cover today than in 1974. That’s the same as almost 1000 Manhattans.

In the meantime, wild Bill McKibben was demonstrating his physics knowledge to president Zero.  Fortunately, it was just an article and not an exchange.  I could just imagine the emptiness of the grunts and monosyllabic words used in an actual conversation between those two. 

Billy was trying to distinguish the timeframe of politics vs. physics.  It’s titled “Obama Versus Physics“.  I knew this was going to be breathtaking, so I read what Billyboy had to say about physics.

Well, he imparted this fascinating insight to the physics of …… something.

We’re talking about a fight between human beings and physics. And physics is entirely uninterested in human timetables. Physics couldn’t care less if precipitous action raises gas prices, or damages the coal industry in swing states. It could care less whether putting a price on carbon slowed the pace of development in China, or made agribusiness less profitable.

Physics doesn’t understand that rapid action on climate change threatens the most lucrative business on Earth, the fossil fuel industry. It’s implacable. It takes the carbon dioxide we produce and translates it into heat, which means into melting ice and rising oceans and gathering storms. And unlike other problems, the less you do, the worse it gets.  Do nothing and you soon have a nightmare on your hands.

Okay, well, from a wordy 26 paragraph article titled “Obama Versus Physics”, I thought there might be some real physics involved.  The old “produced CO2 translating to heat, turning to storms” law of physics.  We’ll call this the “wild Bill axiom”. 

After that wonderful physical explanation of the wild Bill axiom, I thought maybe he had a physical explanation for the no change in the snow extent phenomena.  Let’s ask him!



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13 Responses to Suyts space Reinforced By Other Climate Blogs!!! McKibben Displays Knowledge Of Physics!!!

  1. Bruce says:

    A wild Bill hiccup more likely. Bill is the sort of footnote of history I occasionally find stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

    He is not the type of guy who’d accept the data until airborne pigs come home to roost at the Nth Pole.

  2. leftinbrooklyn says:

    I kinda worry that Bill’s endgame will be setting himself on fire in protest like some Mongolian monk. Oh wait, no worries…that would cause too much Co2.

  3. DaveG says:

    Bill as usual flying by the seat of his pants. So much for Obama’s legacy based on lies and a dead battery.

    • suyts says:

      I think some of the angst against Barry is because all those stupid ideas like batteries and windmills don’t work. Barry’s thrown $billions at these insipidly stupid things and they just don’t work. Given the left’s propensity to blame the messenger …..

  4. DirkH says:

    The journalist brain shows.

  5. tckev says:

    Maybe as a child the only film he watched was
    Nice shots of a coal mine with words – “two years heat’ – superimposed over the top. Narrator explains that the Gulf Stream provides more heat than global coal supplies could in two years, in one day. Really stupid cartoon at the end that must have stuck in his mind.

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