More Gems on the Sword!

Sanctification = Set Apart January 4

Scripture Selection: Psalm 4:3; Proverbs 4:14, 15; John 17:17-20

Food for Thought (meditate on this): John 17:17

What sets us apart as believers in Jesus Christ from the rest of the world? His Word. Lots of people say they believe in God, and many even say they believe in Jesus. But when He becomes Lord in our lives, that is when He and His word—which are One—truly sanctify us. We can’t look, talk, and act like the world because we are, as the Word says, “a peculiar people.”

Feeling different as I was growing up was something I tried to avoid. Like most kids, I really wanted to “fit in.” But I did a terrible job of it because I’d already been sanctified. It was such an awkward time. It would have been much easier to simply acknowledge that God had set me, as a believer, apart from the things of the world for something better. Once I realized that I couldn’t have it both ways, that it was much better to live by faith in the Word, then my life became an exciting adventure in which God daily manifests Himself in spectacular ways.

Sanctification…There’s nothing better.

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