Woops!!! Has Stupid Alarmist Advocacy Caused Cancer? —- When Two Hyperbole Worlds Collide!!!


A study has been published alleging that CFL causes skin cancer

Here’s the abstract…..

Compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs can provide the same amount of lumens as incandescent light bulbs, using one quarter of the energy. Recently, CFL exposure was found to exacerbate existing skin conditions; however, the effects of CFL exposure on healthy skin tissue have not been thoroughly investigated. In this study, we studied the effects of exposure to CFL illumination on healthy human skin tissue cells (fibroblasts and keratinocytes). Cells exposed to CFLs exhibited a decrease in the proliferation rate, a significant increase in the production of reactive oxygen species, and a decrease in their ability to contract collagen. Measurements of UV emissions from these bulbs found significant levels of UVC and UVA (mercury [Hg] emission lines), which appeared to originate from cracks in the phosphor coatings, present in all bulbs studied. The response of the cells to the CFLs was consistent with damage from UV radiation, which was further enhanced when low dosages of TiO2 nanoparticles (NPs), normally used for UV absorption, were added prior to exposure. No effect on cells, with or without TiO2 NPs, was observed when they were exposed to incandescent light of the same intensity.

Now, if you’re like me, you’ll take this with a grain of salt.  We’ve all seen an over hype claim of cancer for this or that. 

However, before ending incandescent lights, virtually mandating CFL’s in nearly every home, shouldn’t these studies have already been conducted?  

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12 Responses to Woops!!! Has Stupid Alarmist Advocacy Caused Cancer? —- When Two Hyperbole Worlds Collide!!!

  1. DaveG says:

    My keratinocytes just fibroblasted. Help my face is exfoliating, my freckles are growing into a huge dark blob and that pimp on the end of my node is turning in to Mount St Helen’s. now its erupting. Is it’s too late the to turn off the lights? Oh God were all gonna die again!!!!

  2. tckev says:

    Nice to know there’s a little mercury in every bulb. Very recyclable but how many will just go to landfill to poison the water and soil. Think of the future generations?

  3. Jim Masterson says:

    I think everyone is missing the point. First the greenies will get us all dependent on CFLs, then they’ll outlaw CFLs and force us to live in darkness. It’s what Gaia intended.


  4. kim2ooo says:

    “Maryland school suspends six-year-old boy for making gun gesture, saying ‘pow’”

    My Brother said: “He’d of been OK if he had put a condom over his finger.”

  5. philjourdan says:

    2 worlds are not colliding. The truth of their goal is just becoming obvious. Do not listen to what they say – it is always a lie. Look at the results of their actions. That reveals their true goal. The eradication of the cancer on Gaea – homo-sapiens.

  6. jimash1 says:

    Wow I hate those lightbulbs and I have always thought that the coatings might be letting out UV.
    Sucks that It’s true.

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