NFL — Last Game Of The Regular Season!!!


Well, this is it for the 2012 NFL regular season.  For the AFC, this is fairly anticlimactic.  The playoff seats are already occupied.  The seating arrangement is all that’s left to be determined. 

OTOH!!  For the NFC, I don’t know how they managed this, but whoever had the Cowboys and Redskins as the last game of the season, they could not have picked a better one!  It’s pretty simple for the Cowboys.  If they win, they win the division and go to the playoffs.  Lose and they go home for the season.  I’ll have more about the playoffs in the individual game matchups. 

Buccaneers (6-9)

Falcons (13-2)  Well, this is a meaningless game.  The Buccs aren’t going to playoffs.  The Falcons have the home field advantage throughout the playoffs regardless of the outcome of this game.  Were it me, I wouldn’t risk my starters on this one.  Give them a few reps to make sure they don’t get rusty, and then sit them. 


Jets (6-9)

Bills (5-10)  I’m really pulling for the Bills in this one.  And, I think they’ll win.  The Jets are taking a dive straight down the toilet bowl.  One only has to look to Ryan as the reason.  His stubborn refusal to admit Sanchez isn’t a good QB and his even more stubborn refusal to give Tebow a shot at the position is the largest reason why the Jets are in turmoil.  Apparently, Sanchez is going to start the last game of the season.  Can someone explain that rationale?  The good news is I think Tebow will be headed to Jacksonville next year.  It’ll be good for Tebow to get away from all of the haters up in NY.  Sadly he won’t escape the haters at ESPN, but that’s for another discussion.


Ravens (10-5)

Bengals (9-6)  A playoff preview?  This would be an interesting game if it meant anything.  It probably doesn’t.  They’re both going to the playoffs, and the Ravens have the division locked up.  I’d look for both teams to rest their starters.  Bengals take this one at home. 


Browns (5-10)

Steelers (7-8)  This has been a disappointing season for the Steelers.  And, yes, this is another meaningless game.  The Steelers should be motivated to get the win to avoid a losing season. 


Bears (9-6)  This is a must win for the Bears.  Lose and they go home.  Even if they win, they still need the Vikings to lose to make it to the playoffs.  Lions invent yet another way to lose, Bears take this one.  A note to the NFL…… it’s isn’t fun to watch football if all they’re going to do is pass the ball.  Matt Stafford will go over 700 pass attempts for the season.  Johnson for the Lions is probably going to go over 2000 in receiving yards, he’s already got the single season record.

Lions (4-11)


Jaguars (2-13)

Titans (5-10)  There’s absolutely no reason for the Jags to win this game.  They need a loss to get the first draft pick, I expect them to be successful towards that aim. 


Eagles (4-11)

Giants (8-7)  The Giants still have a chance at the playoffs, but it isn’t very likely.  They can earn wild card with win vs. Eagles PLUS the Bears, Cowboys and Vikings all have to lose.  Still, they should beat the hapless Eagles. 


Panthers (6-9)

Saints (7-8)  It just took the Saints too long to get rolling.  They started 0-4 and dug a hole they couldn’t crawl out of.  I think they’ll play this game to avoid the losing season. 


Texans (12-3)

Colts (10-5)  Another playoff preview?  After looking near invincible for most of the season, the Texans look very beatable going into the playoffs.  Both teams are going to the playoffs, so this game loses some of its relevancy.  The Texans want to win to try and get home field throughout the playoffs, but I don’t know that they will beat the Colts today.  I think the Colts get this one. 


Packers (11-4)   

Vikings (9-6)  This is a maybe playoff preview.  The Vikes can get into the playoffs with a win.  The Packs run defense is highly suspect.  Look for Peterson to go over 2000 yards for the season.  Will it be enough to get the record?  He needs 208 for the record.  He ran for 210 the last time these teams played each other, so it’s very doable, but not likely.  I look for the Vikings to get this one at home.


Rams (7-7-1)

Seahawks (10-5)  These two teams have increased their level of play this year.  Too bad for the Rams the Seahawks improved more than they did.  The Seahawks could, in theory, still win the division.  They have to win this one, but the Niners have to find a way to lose to the Cardinals.  So, wildcard playoff bound it is for the Seahawks. 


Dolphins (7-8)

Patriots (11-4)  Well, it was a year of “almost” for the Dolphins.  The season is far from over for the Pats.  They’ll take this one and hope to build momentum going into the playoffs. 


Chiefs (2-13)

Broncos (12-3) The Chiefs will continue their losing ways against the Broncs.  Manning has worked some great magic this year.  I can’t wait to see him in the playoffs again! 


Raiders (4-11)

Chargers (6-9)  What a disappointing season for the Chargers.  They just couldn’t get it going this year.  Same for the Raiders, but they’re used to it.  I look for the Chargers to end their season with a win. 


Cardinals (5-10)

49ers (10-4-1)  How does a team start 4-0 and then only win one more game for the rest of the season?  I’m not sure how, but the Cards will manage it.  49ers take this one.  Were I the Cardinals, I’d look over at the bench of SF for next year.  They’ve got an excellent QB just sitting there and the Cards desperately need a QB. 


Cowboys (8-7) IMHO all of the previous games mentioned were yawners.  This is the only real game of the week.  The Dallas defense is beat up.  It’s linebackers are weak, so RG3 should be open for some runs, right?  Except, he’s wearing a knee brace, so this should give the Dallas D some help in containing him.  Both QBs, RG3 and Romo have been lighting up the scoreboard lately.  Over the last 7 games, Romo has thrown for 17 TD’s and only 3 interceptions.  RG3 is 13 TDs for only 2 ints over the same time period.  The Redskins are smoking hot, having won it’s last 5 games.  Both defenses tend to give up big pass plays in the D backfield.  Look for a shoot out.  If there ever was a time for Dallas to put together 4 full quarters, this is the game.  I think they will.  Bryant seems to have settled down a bit.  If he can play consistently, then Witten and Austin should open up.  RG3 only ran twice last week against the Eagles.  This lack of the extra dimension he usually gives should make it into a purer passing matchup and help the Dallas D against the RB Morris. 


Redskins (9-6)

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115 Responses to NFL — Last Game Of The Regular Season!!!

  1. Vickie Bush says:

    Go Dallas and Seattle πŸ™‚

  2. Baltimore v Packers for the Superbowl.

    Atlanta simply are not a 13-2 team, while Green Bay are the in form team.

    In the AFC, the Pats are not the team they were.

    Outside Bet? Colts. Take away their bad start, and their form is as good as anyone’s.

    • philjourdan says:

      Atlanta finds the way. Maybe not the Superbowl champs, but I look for them to win at least 1.

    • suyts says:

      Interesting pick! Right now, I’m looking for the Broncos and the Pack.

    • Gene Nemetz says:

      My pick in the first week of the season was Denver vs. San Fran in the Super Bowl. I’m sticking with it.

      I’m leery of Green Bay’s defense. I’m leery of the Atlanta coaching staff. And Seattle won’t have home field for big games—plus they’re inexperienced. I’m not a fan of Flacco. Maybe NE will be there–but their defense sucks at times. The only issue I have with SF is Justin Smith. If he’s back at full strength then SF should be in the Super Bowl–he’s that important.

      But I think, if my pick works out, Denver is going to win it all.

      • philjourdan says:

        Not as early as yours, but I picked Denver to win their division. But I was not impressed enough to pick them winning the conference. I am now.

        Houston must be over come yet. As does Indy. I think Denver has a chance.

        I am not impressed with Harbaugh. So I am sticking with Greenbay (with a strong leaning towards Atlanta as well).

  3. philjourdan says:

    I congratulate you on your cynicism. I think your picks are more accurate that way. πŸ˜‰

    The only real game is the Cowboys and redskins. The loser sits it out. A shame they both can’t lose. But given my location, I am going to have to pull for the Plowboys just so I can get some peace for the next few weeks.

  4. Gene Nemetz says:

    Two words why I’m not picking Dallas: Tony Romo.

  5. Jim Masterson says:

    It is quite possible that Seattle could pull a Seahawk and lose to the Rams today. More likely is that both Seattle and the 49er’s will win today. They could also both lose today–any NFL team can win, otherwise we wouldn’t need to actually play the game. I doubt that SF and Seattle will swap play-off positions–but who knows?


  6. Gene Nemetz says:

    What a pick by #23 of Indy!

  7. Gene Nemetz says:

    Detroit’s got the ball, down by 2, 4:38 to go. NYG may still be alive.

  8. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Indy finishes 11-5. I would have called 5-11 a positive in a rebuilding year.

  9. Gene Nemetz says:

    Anyone got Adrian Peterson on? I’m stuck with SF vs Ari.

  10. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Minn. went on 4th & 1. GB had to know AP was getting the ball. Couldn’t stop it anyway.

  11. suyts says:

    Giants are eliminated by the Bears win.

  12. Gene Nemetz says:

    Low total so far for AP.

  13. Gene Nemetz says:

    Manning, 304 yds, minute to go 3rd qtr.

  14. Gene Nemetz says:

    Tennessee had 2 punts returned for TDs and 2 int returned for TDs. How bad is Jacksonville!

  15. Gene Nemetz says:

    AP, 144 yds near end of 3rd qtr.

  16. leftinbrooklyn says:

    AP 9 yards short.

  17. philjourdan says:

    A dismal season comes to an end. Now to draft some line backers.

  18. suyts says:

    Two interceptions already….. sigh.

    • Bruce says:

      RG III isn’t firing either. 0:0 at qtr time?!

      BTW thx for reminding me football was on, was still in 49ers mode. Cowboys v Indians Redskins, what’s not to like?

      OTOH I will so not get the lawn done.

    • suyts says:

      No doubt, I’ve plenty to do, but I’m watching the game. That last sequence is key for a Cowboy win. Run, then to Witten, then run. After a bit Bryant will be open down field. That’s how they win.

      • suyts says:

        Yes, I should be their head coach. I called the plays before Garrett did. πŸ™‚

      • Bruce says:

        Nice drive.

      • Bruce says:

        …but anything you can do. THAT was the sweetest running drive I have seen for a while. Especially the last play and the RGIII switcheroo 9 yd’er.

        • suyts says:

          It was. Dallas defense better have an answer for that in the second half.

        • Bruce says:

          On other hand no matter who wins I don’t see either Washington or Dallas beating the Seahawks next week. Not after what they did to the 9ers.

        • philjourdan says:

          I would not put it past the skins. However, what is going for us, is the fact that Seattle has been doing some damage of its own. 3 teams ran into the playoffs. Denver, Seattle, and the deadskins. That helps with at least the first round of playoffs. But I am going to be siding with Vickie now. Just to shut up these local clowns!

        • suyts says:

          Well, it makes a huge difference when the Seahawks are playing away from home.

        • Bruce says:

          Ya think…? What was that league rating for the 49ers defense? I can’t hear you!

          Two more sweet running plays for a WR TD. I may think the Seahawks will wipe the table with either of these guys, but have to admit RGIII can sell a fake better than anyone.

        • Bruce says:

          Neat 2pt conversion from Romo for a 3 pt game. Am enjoying this.

  19. Bruce says:

    They’ve got an excellent QB just sitting there

    Harbaugh did relent and gave Smith a few plays at the end of the Cardinals game. But I agree with the writeup: “quarterback Alex Smith made what could have been his final appearance in a 49ers uniform when he entered the game with 5:57 to go”. OK, maybe he’ll get a run in the playoffs, but he won’t be in red and gold next season, no way! Which is a shame. But Kaepernick is still punching ball sized holes through opposition players, so I can live with it.

    I don’t think SF will go all the way, they’re fading unfortunately. Seahawks showed this last week.

  20. Gene Nemetz says:

    Both Witten and Bryant have gotten away with a hefty push off. The refs need to start calling it across the league.

  21. Gene Nemetz says:

    It looked like RG3 intentionally tried to make to pitch back to the tail back, Morris, look like a fake pitch, but then he let go of it. The defense looked like they bit on him for a spit second.

    I could see RG3 kneeling down thanking God in the back drop of the end zone camera shot of Morris carrying the ball into the end zone.

  22. suyts says:

    Why does Dallas offense have to wait until the fourth quarter every game?

  23. Gene Nemetz says:

    Orton, paging Kyle Orton………

    Tony Romo can’t handle pressure when it really counts. Emotional immaturity.

  24. Gene Nemetz says:


  25. suyts says:

    This should be interesting.

  26. suyts says:

    Dallas just wasn’t very good this year, or for the last several. Time for a new coach, time for the owner to step away from the day to day operations.

  27. Gene Nemetz says:

    Does Tony Romo understand the clock is running and he needs to spike the ball????????????

    • Bruce says:

      Its instinct, you see a receiver open underneath you go for him. Very hard to hail Mary at 15s when you’re receivers a covered and your TE is open.

      Denver doesn’t need much to be a top team, with Romo and Witten. Next year will be interesting. Just need to find another Noen Deion or two in the off season.

    • Bruce says:

      Oops Neon Deion. Being a chemist I’m embarassed.

    • suyts says:

      They need a defense. Which should be better next year with a healthy LB core. I think Bryant made some great strides this year. But, they need a coach to put a boot up their behinds when necessary. They haven’t had one for years.

  28. Gene Nemetz says:

    Oh boy, ESPN is already talking about next year is the year for Dallas. So it’s how many years running they’ve been doing that??

  29. Gene Nemetz says:

    Minnesota might upset Green Bay.

  30. Jim Masterson says:

    James, sorry about your boys. I was hoping they would win so Seattle could do battle in Dallas.

    That Seattle game was disappointing. It looked like the offense didn’t show up, and the defense was lackluster. The Rams sacked Wilson 6 times. Seattle didn’t win until after the two-minute warning. The defense let the Rams march down the field (AGAIN!!!), and only stopped them with a interception in the end-zone.


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