Cornel West Misses The Point



This is why being half-right is more dangerous than simply being wrong.  Mr. West has made a great career out of being half-right.  And, he continues today.

From Breitbart…..

On Thursday, Cornel West shared his thoughts about the Sandy Hook massacre on Tavis Smiley’s radio show.  West expressed frustration over the media’s willingness to demand gun control when violence occurs in suburban havens like Newtown, but largely ignore minority victims in urban areas.

“We can’t just shed tears for those on the vanilla side of town,” West said. “But it’s a good thing that we now have a discussion on gun control. We need one on drone control. Not a peep, not a mumbling word when black folk get shot,” West added. “But now, Newtown, Connecticut, vanilla side — low and behold we got a major conversation. That’s wonderful. Each life is precious, but it just upsets me when we’re so deferential.”

Now, it is true, the reaction to Sandy Hook has a very racial aspect to it.  Day in, and day out, we have young people of color cut down before they get a chance to really live.  It’s a horrible blight of our nation. 

It’s easy to look at the situation and mark it down to racism.  Sandy Hook saw some very young people murdered.  As West notes, it was a fairly vanilla demographic.  And all of the sudden, we have a huge national discussion on how to keep our children safe, gun control, and all of the hyperbole and vitriol that goes with it.   And, Mr. West is correct, hardly anything gets said when “black folk get shot“. 

As I stated earlier, there is a racist aspect to all of this.  But, we need to look at who is driving this issue.  Who is?  Well, first and foremost, our Left/Lame Stream Media is driving this issue. (P Morgan, Gregory, etc)  Who else?  Well, leftists and totalitarians.  People like Feinstein is coming after guns.  People like US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is pushing this issue.  People like, well, any and all leftists in this nation are up in arms  (heh) about the poor children in Sandy Hook. 

But, Mr. West and other racially aware people should look at why these people choose not to talk about the gun violence afflicting the minority youth.  The reason is, they can’t.  Conservatives are more than happy to have that discussion.  We’ve been pressing for that discussion for decades.  Let’s talk about the young people slaughtered in Chicago, they’ve reached over 500 murders this year.  Let’s talk about the slaughter in Washington D.C.  Let’s talk about L.A.  This stuff will never see the light of day in LSM.  Why?  Because in these places, we have the strictest gun control laws in the US.  Most importantly, while many of the supposed black leaders give lip service to this problem, they are, for the most part, politically aligned with the left.  Their loyalties are not to the people of their race, their loyalties are not to the citizenry as a whole.  Their loyalties are to the political ideology which places the interests of the people below the interests of the political ideology. 

Let’s hear Jesse Jackson condemn Piers Morgan.  Let’s hear Al Sharpton attack Feinstien for her overt racism.  When it comes to the slaughter of our minority youth, our leftists get a free pass from the likes of Sheila Jackson.  They love the left first.

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7 Responses to Cornel West Misses The Point

  1. Latitude says:

    The biggest problem I see is that we have homoginized and sanitized an entire group of people.
    There are tons of descriptive words for “white folk”….
    White trash, trailer trash, honkey, cracker, redneck, hillbilly……etc etc

    …but only one word for all negros……

    It doesn’t matter if you have a degree, send your kids to the best schools, and are a perfect example of a fine upstanding person….
    …or you are total black trash

    ….you’re both “black”

    All those very descriptive words..that we all know….are just words that describe a certain person

    But they are very descriptive words, they paint a picture, and give people an example of what to “not” be like………..but more important….they give credit to the people that are “not” like that

    Not using those words is part of the problem with sweeping the crime that those people create…under the carpet, pretending it doesn’t happen…and not having an honest discussion about it

  2. DaveG says:

    Watch the Maury Show you’ll see Obama’s people in full living Black/White trash breeding mode. My wife (Who is highly educated) seems to love this show, I’m both horrified and amused. When I do watch, I despair for the human race. When the shit hits the fan they will suffer the most!

  3. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Really, in the end, you could boil it down to the thought – process that causes him to speak in terms of ‘vanilla’ and ‘black folk’. Racism, hatred, envy, sense of entitlement—whatever label, whatever level—all are just a ‘disconnect’ from your fellow humans. And it requires the need to defend ourselves from it. With our firearms, if need be.

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