Buh-Bye To Lisa Jackson



Well, the US govt. is one less tyrannical nutter today.  EPA Chief Lisa Jackson Resigned today.

Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said the scrutiny over the alias emails is clearly a factor. 

“Life’s full of coincidences, but this is too many,” he told FoxNews.com. “She had no choice.” 

That may or may not be true.  Jackson seem oblivious or impervious to having her malfeasance being in the public eye.  It could be about the EPA using people as human guinea pigs as Steve Milloy has been exposing.

It could be that she’s tired of displaying her abject ignorance on the things the head of the EPA should be knowledgeable about. 

Regardless, good riddance.   But, we shouldn’t hold hope for anything better this creature.  Recall that there are no prerequisites for this job other than Barry Zero’s nomination and a near rubber stamp approval from the Dem controlled senate.

About the best we can hope for is that some Senators would continue to find reasons for objecting to any Obama nominee.  That shouldn’t be too difficult considering the lack of knowledge, ability, and ethics all of his choices have displayed in the past. 

As far as the emails, the human testing, and other ethical shortcomings, the bar has been set even lower than what was prior to the arrival of people such as Jackson and the rest of the people Obama has surrounded himself with.  This will only continue to get worse until We the People start holding these people accountable.  It isn’t enough that they leave.  They will simply be replaced by someone of equal or worse qualities. 

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8 Responses to Buh-Bye To Lisa Jackson

  1. Latitude says:

    You guys watch this….I can’t hear it…and tell me if I should be excited or not

  2. DaveG says:

    Good abidance to bad rubbish. Still miles to go, but Ill take with glee!

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