Jason II — The Seasonal Signal And The Unprecedented Sea Level Decrease Not Being Reported


Jason II’s sea level measurements have been very strange all year.  Well, that’s charitable.  We’ve demonstrated retroactive increase’s in their plotting the sea level. 

But, today, I want to discuss something different.  I don’t know if this is the result of their prior manipulations or if this is something significant which no one is talking about.  But, it is unprecedented!

Please note:  This post is about what is suppose to happen during particular times of the year, cyclic behavior.  When I state “unprecedented” I’m referencing observations in relation to particular times of the year, specifically, what happens around the fall equinox. 

In the past, I’ve been questioned as to why I wouldn’t use the option to remove the seasonal signal from the sea level graphics.  For one, it’s just a matter of practice.  The closer to actual measurements, the better I like the data.  I dislike various assumptions baked into the numbers.  And, for two, I’m not convinced Aviso knows how to properly adjust for the seasonal signal.  Behold, Jason II with the seasonal signal removed.


Look at the dip in sea level near mid 2011.  Look at the peak in 2010 and the minor dip in mid-2010.  Now look at Jason II without removing the seasonal signal. 


I’m going to say they don’t know WTF they’re doing with the seasonal signal.  And this brings me to my main point…… or, rather, an observation.  As you can see, I’ve added a few graphics to the Jason II graph.  The green vertical lines added corresponds to the approximate date of the last measurement for this year.  2012.721485  This is about Sept. 20th.  I just eyeballed the lines so they may be off a fraction of a mm or so.  I also added some arrows for the direction the sea levels always go that time of the year.  Always!  Now, look at the last arrow.  According to Jason II, our sea levels are on the decline still.  Recall, I said “always“.  Not just for Jason II, but for any other satellite that we’ve used.  Here’s Envisat, after they killed it and redrew it’s plots.  I drew some lines to help mark the time of the year we’re referencing. 


Here’s Jason I


Here’s Topex/Poseidon.  I’m tired of drawing lines, you can draw your own lines.  Sarcastic smile 


As near as I can tell, the seasonal increase in sea level has never occurred this late in the year throughout the history of satellite sea level measurements. 

I wish I could say that what we’re witnessing is something significant.  But, I don’t trust the measurements to be true.  Still, I think something never seen before is worth noting.  Yes, it is only a 20 year record (sort of).  I wonder why this hasn’t got any press?  Eye rolling smile  Oh, wait, then they’d have to be reporting an unprecedented decrease in the sea levels.  Annoyed  Mustn’t do that! 

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17 Responses to Jason II — The Seasonal Signal And The Unprecedented Sea Level Decrease Not Being Reported

  1. Me says:

    Just keep doing what you do! I may not comment here all the time but Thank you anyway.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Suyts, I think its an ENSO signal. I haven’t gone to look, but 2010 was a big El Nino and the two big following dips would be the la Ninas. Last summer for us was cool wet and miserable. Then the weak el Nino mid year dried everything out. We’re only just starting to get some more rain (wet today).

    Now the interesting thing if it is ENSO is the response is quite fast and large. Kicks into touch the slow response excuse a lot of CAGW-ers like to use to explain why temperature hasn’t complied with the all seeing all knowing models.

    BTW GB-Lions looked very cold. May have to collect QB fingers off of the field afterwards.

    • suyts says:

      Yes, there is a strong correlation with the ENSO signal. http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/enso/monitoring/nino3_4.png

      But, my point, towards the seasonal signal is that they subtract different amounts through different seasons. One would think the cyclical seasonal variance would be equally distributed from year to year.

      But, towards what has occurred, or rather has not occurred yet, the seasonal increase of the sea level is unprecedented and unexplained.

      And, yes! It looked miserable out there. Not as bad as the Ice Bowl, but, bad enough….. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1967_NFL_Championship_Game

      • Bruce says:

        Yuck. -26 C!

        The University of Wisconsin [LC] Marching Chiefs band were scheduled to perform the pre-game and half-time shows. However, during warm-ups in the brutal cold, the woodwind instruments froze and would not play; the mouthpieces of brass instruments got stuck to the players’ lips; and seven members of the band were transported to local hospitals for hypothermia. The band’s further performances were canceled for the day. During the game, an elderly spectator in the stands died from exposure.

        The officials were unable to use their whistles after the opening kick-off. As referee Norm Schachter blew his metal whistle to signal the start of play, it froze to his lips. As he attempted to free the whistle from his lips, the skin ripped off and his lips began to bleed.

        Spectators have it easier nowadays, I will admit, and musicians too. I’ve often thought NFL was continuation of the Civil War by other means, if so that game was Petersburg winter of 1864-5.

        ’67 was right at bottom of the PDO cycle and my dad always made me wear shorts to school in winter. OK, here in Oz winter is more a wishful thought than a state of climate, but for me it was cold.

        If you go for Dr Abdussamatov’s hypotheses, we may get more games like that.

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