Norway Wants U.S. To Pay Money We Don’t Have For A Problem That Doesn’t Exist!


It doesn’t get much better than this.  Our idiotic government is over in Doha “negotiating” over how much more than our promise to pay $100 billion by 2020 to poor nations to combat the imaginary climate change bugaboo. 

Yep, the U.S. really needs to raise taxes because this spending is just sooooo necessary.

Rich nations pledged in 2009 to deliver long-term financing to help poor nations switch to clean energy and adapt to rising sea levels and other impacts of global warming. They offered $10 billion a year in 2010-2012 in “fast-start” financing, pledging that the amount would be increased to $100 billion in 2020.

But they didn’t say how.

A draft text early Friday urged developed countries “to make firm commitments to provide scaled up climate finance beyond 2012” but didn’t include any midterm targets.

It’s troubling that some developing countries, for example the U.S., are very skeptical toward doing anything beyond saying ‘we have made a promise of $100 billion by 2020,'” said Norwegian Environment Minister Baard Solhjell.

Norway, largely shielded from Europe’s financial crisis because of its offshore oil and gas, favors language that clearly shows that aid figures will gradually go up until 2020.

Gambia delegate Pa Ousman Jarju, representing the least developed countries, said they were still insisting on a midterm financing target but “we have not reached a stage where we would walk out.”

Lol, no doubt.  that they haven’t walked out.  They’re going to get given money, it’s just a question of how much and when. 

All of this money to pay for the disastrous effects of this…..


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31 Responses to Norway Wants U.S. To Pay Money We Don’t Have For A Problem That Doesn’t Exist!

  1. miked1947 says:

    December 21 is just around the corner so we must hurry and send our last dime to other countries. Only the countries with net worth will be wiped of the planet. Those in debt beyond value will be saved.

  2. Bruce says:

    Perhaps Norway should set aside half its evil planet killing oil revenue to help pay for innocent dictators in Africa.

    On the other hand Norway does have Professor Jan-Erik Solheim, so not all Norwegians are nincompoops like Mr Solhjell.

  3. D. King says:

    Here you go Norway!

  4. DirkH says:

    It’s Christmas time for German journalists. The gods of warmism have descended like every year and brought the gift of an endless supply of warmist press releases. Papers are full of Doha drivel.

    No work, all play for the journalists; they only need to know two keys: ctrl c and ctrl v (or control insert and shift insert) – and their daily toil is done.

    Searching “Klimawandel” (Climate Change) in German google news show just HOW lazy and stupid our journalists are.

  5. DirkH says:

    Norway: NPFG (Norwegian Pension Fund) still pissed they lost a fortune with TepCo. Probably plan some carbon related deal to cheat the US out of a few dozen billions.

    • DirkH says:

      I’m kidding. If anyone on the planet is into warmism for purely idealistic reasons and willing to piss their own money away it’s the Norwegians. They even drive electric cars in their frozen country (equipped with an oil heater).

    • kim2ooo says:

      You might not be far off 😦

      There has been a historic shift in the UN climate talks in Qatar, with the prospect of rich nations having to compensate poor nations for losses due to climate change.

      The US has fiercely opposed the measure – it says the cost could be unlimited.

      But after angry tussles throughout the night the principle of Loss and Damage is now in the final negotiating text.

      Small island states at risk from inundation say they will walk out if the US vetoes the proposed deal.

      The political stakes are high. The EU’s position is not yet well defined, but soundings suggest that it can live with the text.

      The US will be seeking support from other big polluters – like Canada – likely to face liability for climate damages.

      If the US is left alone fighting against the chair’s text, its negotiators face a dilemma – either to bow to the majority and accept that the nations which caused climate change bear a moral responsibility to other nations damaged by it, or to refuse to sign.

      If the US vetoes the text, President Barack Obama will be accused of hypocrisy and failure after re-committing himself to tackling climate change since his re-election.
      Continue reading the main story

      Start Quote

      “I will block this. I will shut this down”
      Todd Stern
      US chief negotiator

      If he agrees the text he will face criticism from Republicans, whilst he tries to negotiate his own deal over US government finances.

      One campaign group in Doha tweeted that before the text was agreed Todd Stern, the US chief negotiator, was heard saying: “I will block this. I will shut this down.”

      Saleem ul-Huq, from the think-tank IIED, told the BBC: “This is a watershed in the talks. There is no turning back from this. It will be better for the US to realise that the principle of compensation is inevitable – and negotiate a limit on Loss and Damage rather than leave the liability unlimited.

      “[President Obama] has just asked Congress for $60bn (£37bn) for the effects of Sandy – developed nations are already having to foot the bill for loss and damage of
      their own.”

  6. kim2ooo says:

    Click for optimum view | Forward to a friend | Update profile

    “Loss & damage” proposal to make U.S. liable for billions to developing nations for “climate damages”


    CFACT has seen this at UN climate conferences before.

    The negotiations here in Doha have gone into overtime. After going until after 3AM last night, negotiations have resumed today. Negotiators have sprung a dangerous proposal on the conference at the 11th hour. CFACT is here for precisely this reason.

    This time, they have inserted a “Loss & Damage Mechanism” into the final text which would require developed countries like the U.S. to pay poor nations for climate damages supposedly resulting from extreme weather events.

    Just two days ago CFACT released a new report by Marc Morano at our press conference here, which revealed that the scientific literature shows no link between recent extreme weather events and global warming.

    Don’t expect the negotiators to care about the facts or sound science. As Sen. Inhofe said at our press conference Thursday, “The focus of this year’s global warming conference, like all the conferences before, is not about the environment. It’s about one thing: spreading the wealth around.”

    Just a few minutes ago, White House staffers were at the U.S. delegation’s desk with phones to each ear, apparently receiving marching orders from President Obama. Will Obama agree to the UN demands and accept liability for any chance storm that happens to strike a developing nation?

    We will have to wait and see. CFACT will continue to spread the message of truth: there has been no global warming for 16 years and the latest peer-reviewed studies, data and analyses undermine claims that the weather is more “extreme” or “unprecedented.” On every key measure, claims of extreme weather in our current climate fail to hold up to scrutiny.

    Please share this email and spread the word about this dangerous proposal. We must do all we can to stop the U.S. and other developed countries from accepting guilt and liability for problems they did not cause. Instruct U.S. negotiator Todd Stearn to hold the line and refuse to sign on to this costly and damaging agreement.

    CFACT has done it before. Last year in Durban, the UN dropped provisions for an “International Climate Court” shortly after CFACT broke the story, which quickly spread like wildfire.

    For the absolute latest breaking news, be sure to visit our Climate Depot website.

    For nature and people too,

    Craig Rucker
    Executive Director

  7. kim2ooo says:

    Might just be cheaper to invade

  8. philjourdan says:

    Substitute Democrats for Noway in your title, and the title is still true.

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