Lying Leftists Mock American Stupidity —- Believe We Already Forgot Campaign Bluster

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The Repub proposal to avert the “fiscal cliff” was instantly rejected and derided by the Dems.  Dems say the numbers don’t add up.  For those living under a rock, the Repubs have offered revenue increases by eliminating and capping tax deductions most often used by America’s wealthiest. 

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney called congressional Republicans “fiscal cliff” proposal “magic beans and fairy dust” today.

“It’s not a plan to say we’re going to magically increase revenues,” Carney said. “It’s magic beans and fairy dust.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:

“They’ve got to come [up] with some specific revenue,” Reid said of House Republicans. “It’s a simple question, as President [Bill] Clinton said, of arithmetic. Arithmetic. You can’t get from here to there unless you raise the rates. You can’t do it.”


The president has repeatedly said there’s plenty of room for compromise. But really what this boils down to is a matter of fairness and a matter of math. Giving certainty for the middle class, that is absolutely essential. I mean there is no way mathematically, if you look at the Republican’s proposal, that you can get to the kind of deficit reduction that we need to with preserving the middle class tax cuts by not increasing as the Republicans refuse to do the upper tier rates. And there’s room for discussion, but that has to be part of the package.

So, how does this relate to the presidential campaign?  Mitt Romney proposed a tax decrease for all Americans.  Much of the imagined revenue loss would be made up by reducing tax deductions.  This plan, of course, was automatically rejected by the statists and the Obama campaign said limiting the deductions wouldn’t raise enough revenue to offset the rate decreases.  At the time, Dems stated that Romney’s tax cut’s would cost about $5 trillion over ten years.  But, Romney’s tax deduction cap proposal would only come to about $1.7 trillion over ten years.  That was the Dem argument back then.  They often cited left leaning Tax Policy Center for these numbers.  Here is Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter making this argument two months ago. 

Let’s review Barry Zero’s proposal.  He say he wants to raise $1.6 trillion over ten years by raising tax rates.  He also wants to spend more on a mini-stimulus and rape Medicare further.  The Repubs want to raise the revenue by eliminating or capping tax deductions.  Now, the Dems argue that we mathematically can’t raise $1.6 trillion over ten years.  But, just 2 months ago, they argued one could only raise about $1.7 trillion by capping deductions. 

Ironically, Repubs got this idea from the head Dem, himself.  Enter Barry Zero in 2011.

My goodness the duplicity and hypocrisy of the Dems know no bounds.  But, if the American public buys into their lies they deserve every bit of this inanity.

h/t Townhall

Note:    I am not endorsing the Repub idea.  I think it is incredibly vapid to remove earned wealth in any form from a struggling economy.  I see little difference in the merits of either plan.  I’m only pointing out one of the lies the Dems seem to daily engage in. 

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24 Responses to Lying Leftists Mock American Stupidity —- Believe We Already Forgot Campaign Bluster

  1. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Plan? We don’t need no stinkin’ plan.

    If these people could plan, they would have figured it out $16T ago. These people don’t know the meaning of the word. WE must focus on OURS.

    • suyts says:

      Yep. I’m preparing for an appeal hearing tonight, but, tomorrow, I think I will detail how to achieve a balanced budget and some obvious ways to avoid this fiscal cliff thingy.

  2. Martin C says:

    . . I wonder if there is any way that the Koch Brothers or Big Oil could be convinced to buy a couple of hours TV on ALL channels, including cable, to put this information about the DamnRats and this whole issue out to ALL Americans. . . would that help . . ? Thinking after that all the phone calls and e-mails that the Dems would get . . . ?

    . . oh, maybe we don’t need that, this is such NEWS, that it should be covered in all newspapers and TV News channels, right . . . ?

    . . . yeah, just a fantasy, but one can hope, right . . ? ? ?

    . . astounding what the USA has become in just over 4 years . . . .

    • suyts says:

      Well, it had been building for some time. It’s the dumbing down of society is what astonishes me. While nearly all visitors to this blog have an excellent capacity to think for themselves, it doesn’t appear that the average person does or can anymore.

  3. kim2ooo says:


    Reporting Savita’s death was undoubtedly in the public interest. Ireland has the lowest or second-lowest maternal mortality rate in the world, even though it has banned abortion. In a country where it happens so rarely, the death of a foreign woman was certainly news. But Holland’s real interest was not the tragedy of a young mother dying in a distant land in her first pregnancy. It was driving her agenda for legislative change.

    My bold.

    Not only did she use a tragedy…she lied [ either buy omission or… embellishing] it.

    • kim2ooo says:

      At West Marion Elementary School, a first grader was asked to write a poem about veterans for the school’s Veteran’s Day program. The girl, whose identity has not been revealed in the media, wrote one about her two grandfathers’ service in Vietnam. In it she wrote, “He prayed to God for peace, he prayed to God for strength.”

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, I’m familiar……. pure idiocy. It’s impossible to write about veterans and not God. Veterans of war become very religious while they’re in battle.

  4. philjourdan says:

    The lying left knows they will get away with the lies because the MSM will not call them out, and most Americans have the memory of a gold fish.

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