Speaking Of Totalitarian Nutters Mayor Bloomberg Is At It Again


America’s smallest tyrant is at it again.  This lunatic is amazing.  He’s convinced himself that people want to be controlled by the government in just about every facet of life.

Not content to nanny over New York city’s people and limit their popcorn and soda intake, he’s going after bigger guns….. literally.  From Breitbart…..

Bloomberg: NRA Dying, Americans Want More Gun Control

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his infamous “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” have struck again—this time with a conference call where he proclaimed the recent presidential elections “proved” the NRA is dying and the American people want more gun control.

Poor delusional totalitarian nutters.  Reality just doesn’t affect their world view.

I don’t recall Barry Zero making gun control a presidential issue in his campaign.  But, what are the American people doing anyway?

Black Friday’s gun-buyer checks set a record FBI did record number of gun checks Friday —154,873 — up from last year’s record of 129,166 according to USA today.  But, that’s just one day.  What about all the other days……. 



That’s from the ATF

In related news…..

Gun crime continues to decrease, despite increase in gun sales

The FBI recently released its Crime in The United States statistics for 2010. Overall, murders in the U.S. have decreased steadily since 2006, dropping from 15,087 to 12,996. Firearms murders — which made up 67 percent of all murders in the U.S. in 2010 — have followed this trend, decreasing by 14 percent.

More freer guns = less gun violence. 

You can see it nation wide or the local effect.  From a Dan Mitchell piece.

I don’t like to spend much time commenting on media bias. But every so often I find an example that cries out for attention.

The latest example comes from the Associated Press, which is mystified that crime is falling “despite” record firearm sales.

Gun-related violence has fallen steadily since 2006 in Virginia despite record firearm sales, according to a university professor’s analysis. Virginia Commonwealth University professor Thomas R. Baker compared state crime data from 2006 through 2011 with gun-dealer sales estimates obtained by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Baker’s analysis shows the number of gun purchases soared 73 percent in the six-year period, while gun-related violent crimes fell 24 percent. Baker, who specializes in research methods and criminology theory, said the comparison seems to contradict the premise that more guns lead to more crime in Virginia.

Gee, there are more innocent people with guns and people are surprised that criminals are now more reluctant to commit crimes?

No, you little nutjob Bloomberg, Americans don’t want more gun control.  We want less control freak fringe extremists such as yourself. 

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19 Responses to Speaking Of Totalitarian Nutters Mayor Bloomberg Is At It Again

  1. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Applying for NYC shotgun permit on Mon. Will be looking to purchase my first gun ever, and in my 50’s. Why now? First time I’ve ever thought that ownership was so threatened.

  2. Bruce says:

    When Obama won the election there was a spike in gun purchase and gun company share prices. I suspect Gadsden Flags are selling quite well too.

  3. miked1947 says:

    I have had some experience with shotguns, so I would be happy to share information.

  4. miked1947 says:

    I will be honest with you and say that this is all you need for home defense:

  5. philjourdan says:

    Sorry, this is not new. Bloomberg has been going after guns since he was first elected. He tried to take Virginia to court over the issue, but was soundly booted out of court at every attempt. And that was over 8 years ago.

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  7. john cityda says:

    Its a shame Bloomberg will blame gun but do nothing to help mental patients, the breakdown of the nuclear family and other issues that cause gun violence. He see the statistic on previous gun bans that didn’t work and ignores them. He wants change, but dose not want to spend money on the real problem. You see it cost to money to help mental patents than to sign a law to ban guns.

    • philjourdan says:

      While I have no love for Bloomberg, the truth is he cannot do anything for mental patients. CT tried to do something, and the civil rights groups hung them out to dry. No one is yelling for the ACLU’s head on a platter. As long as you have freedom, people will be free to do evil. Until caught.

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