Twitterverse Explodes With #IfObamaWasJesus


With Jamie Foxx calling Obama his “Lord and Savior” and this utterly horrid and vapid painting of Zero


the Twitterverse has gone into overdrive.  Some examples from Townhall……

@BenHowe: #IfObamaWasJesus He would’ve spent most of his sermon on the mount blaming the previous messiah.

@Doc_0: #IfObamaWasJesus The huge celestial teleprompter that appeared for the Sermon on the Mount would really have intimidated the Romans.

@Doc_0: #IfObamaWasJesus Judas would have been forced to re-distribute that silver to the other apostles.

@RebeccaAnn81: #IfObamaWasJesus He wouldn’t have raised Lazarus from the dead because he could have voted anyway.

@AspiringThrawn: #IfObamaWasJesus , he would have pointed to the Earth and yelled to God – “You didn’t build that!”.

@ChiefNavyTim: #IfObamaWasJesus The Final Supper would have been paid for with an #EBT card

@PointlessPol: #IfObamaWasJesus He wouldn’t heal the blind until an “independent panel of medical experts” told him too.

@Imaumbn: #IfObamaWasJesus he could turn water in to Kool-Aid®

@ColoradoRight: #IfObamaWasJesus Follow me and I will make you organizers of communities

@gwardhome: #IfObamaWasJesus could we Impeach him over the Separation of Church and State?

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11 Responses to Twitterverse Explodes With #IfObamaWasJesus

  1. philjourdan says:

    IfObamaWasJesus – he would have had Bush Crucified in his place – after all, it is all Bush’s fault.

  2. Martin C says:

    . . I have NEVER seen a president create such DIVIDES among the American people. . .
    . . and the LAMEstream media just fosters that. Not to mention the people themselves – oh, wait, we can’t blame all of it on them, it is the ‘liberal education systems’ the younger people experienced that must have played a part . . .

    . . . huh . .? what’s that . . . ? You mean, regardless of the education people got, they should LEARN TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES, and not blindly accept everything the NYT, WaPO, or MSNBC says . . ? Wow, I should have thought of that . .!

    ( . . yeah, I better add ‘SARC’ . . . just in case . . ).

    Contrary to Michelle O. statement 4years ago, I think I have NEVER BEEN MORE ASHAMED OF MY COUNTRY as I am today . . .there just doesn’t seem to be a lot to be proud of . . .

  3. DirkH says:

    If Obama Were Jesus he would have Michelle in charge of feeding the multitudes. All of them with one fish.

  4. gator69 says:

    If Obama were Jesus, I would be an atheist.

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