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One of the horrible consequences of running a blog in the manner I do, is that it consumes all of my online time.  I’m going to have to adjust something soon, because this interferes with my interaction with people who have much to offer.  When I do find the time to poke my head out and visit other blogs, I’m usually a day late. 

Anthony had a post up, yesterday, A graphical look at worldwide CO2 numbers

A few commenters picked up on this, but I thought I’d illustrate it.  The nations and regions were divided up in an odd manner, but we can get the idea necessary.  Here is the first graphic offered from the post at WUWT.


For your lunatic carbonphobe nutter, they would say some of this is a positive sign.  I believe the “CN” of the light blue is Canada.  RU would be Russia and JP, would be Japan.  The purple would be developing nations such as Mexico, India, and Brazil.  But, other than CO2 emissions, what other commonality is there with the way this graph divides nations and regions?

Answer:  GDP

Warning!  Eyestrain alert!!!


This graph is a product of an app by the World Bank.  Visually, it’s a horrid thing.  Whoever developed it should be horsewhipped.  I played with the image as best I could. 

How to read this graph ——  For the most part, one can ignore the left part of the graph.  It simply shows past performance.  The far right is where to focus.  The higher on the graph the better the GDP performance. 

I realize the colors are difficult to make out, so I’ll write what the graph is stating.  China, India, Brazil, and the rest of the world is outperforming the US, the EU, and Japan.  (This destroys a falsehood put out by the left that the US has been an economic bright spot for the world.) 

The graph only goes to 2011.  Since then the lines would still stay in the same relative position.  Japan’s line would significantly slide lower, the EU’s would be closer to zero and the US would remain near it’s same spot.  The other lines would be closer to the US line, though, they would still be outperforming the US. 

I cannot emphasize this enough.  In order to sate the lunatic leftist totalitarian climate nutters, the world would have to have a perpetual recession/depression.  It is their goal, purposeful or not, to spread human misery, suffering, and poverty world wide.  These two simple graphics prove this point.  It is what thousands of us have stated for years.  Here is the proof. 

Ironically, their stated advocacy, the environment, suffers the most under these conditions.

A note about GDP:  GDP is an indicator only.  It does not solely express the overall economic health of a nation or region.  There are ways to increase GDP without actually increasing prosperity.  China, the US and the EU and many others all participate in such ways. 

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9 Responses to A Follow Up On A WUWT Post

  1. miked1947 says:

    I recently read the US in third place behind Australia on a per ca-pita basis.
    Where ever it was , it was that Australia went ahead of us just recently.

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