Don’t Worry Barry, You’re On The List


In a mind-blowing de facto admission of incompetence and serial dishonesty, president Barry attempted to defend another serial liar Susan Rice.

There has been much speculation this week about UN Ambassador Susan Rice replacing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton early next year. Republican Senators McCain and Graham have made it clear they aren’t interested in promoting her due to false statements she made in regards to a YouTube video being the cause of the 9/11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Obama offered a full defense of Rice, said she was sent on the Sunday shows on behalf of the White House to simply present intelligence that had been given to her and that she had “nothing to do with Benghazi.”
“I’m not going to comment on various nominations I’ll put forward to fill my cabinet,” Obama said. “Susan Rice, she has done exemplary work…she made an appearance at the request of the White House in which she gave her best understanding of the intelligence provided to her.”
He also drew a line in the sand.
“If Senator McCain and Senator Graham want to go after somebody, they should go after me,” he said. “But to go after the UN Ambassador who had nothing to do with Benghazi.”

…….a challenge quickly picked up by Sen. Lindsey Graham. The South Carolina Republican fired back: “Mr President, don’t think for one minute I don’t hold you ultimately responsible for Benghazi. I think you failed as commander in chief before, during and after the attack.” 

Okay Barry, explain why the White House sent an uninvolved party to explain about stuff she had no knowledge of

If she didn’t have any direct knowledge, explain who fed her the lies she spewed

You asked her to go!  Why did you fill her full of lies.  Lies that were obvious even then.

And, even if you did feed Rice full of lies, if she possessed any discernment at all, she would have easily seen the lies for what they were.  We shouldn’t go after her because she was merely incompetent? 

Don’t worry, Barry, you are on the list. 

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13 Responses to Don’t Worry Barry, You’re On The List

  1. DirkH says:

    WUWTTV is live.

  2. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  3. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Obama on Wright: ‘…He’s a friend, and a great leader…’
    Obama on Wright: “The person I saw yesterday was not the person I met 20 years ago…’

    Obama on Rice: ‘…Susan Rice, she has done exemplary work…’

    Uh-oh, Susan…

  4. Jim Masterson says:

    I watched Chris Horner’s presentation on WUWT-TV tonight. It was very interesting. A CEI senior fellow, Horner basically deconstructs Obama’s energy policies. There are several. First Obama wants the US energy system to be like Spain’s. Obviously Spain says we’ve tried that model and it doesn’t work. So then Obama says we’re going to use the German model. That model, too, doesn’t work.

    Horner is promoting his new book, “The Liberal War On Transparency.” One other interesting point (he made many) is if creating jobs is the purpose of a proposal, then you don’t have a proposal. Anything creates jobs, regulations that destroy businesses, digging ditches, etc. What counts is if there is a NET increase in jobs. That point is ignored by Washington politicians.


  5. David says:

    Among about a dozen important and unanswered question concerning the entire Benghazi affair is what intelligence did Susan Rice report? Nobody has seen the US intelligence that stated this was a Arab riot gone wild. And even if there was one little communication of that somewhere, who made the decision to ignore the overwhelming evidence of Islamic terrorism, and continue to lie to the American people. If congress has the power to supena her they must, or they are again derelict of their duty. I wish Romney had asked Obama whate he knew when, during the debate, or did you just say “do all that you can”, and then he went to sleep, woke up, skipped his intel briefing and flew off to campaign.

  6. philjourdan says:

    Obama thinks he has a mandate. So he will show just how stupid he is. But one thing is certain – he is not as stupid as half the electorate.

  7. kim2ooo says:

    One way to put Mr Obama on the list:
    Senators McCain, Graham and Ayotte said they hope the people will demand that a Select Committee be established to thoroughly investigate the Benghazi incident and the fallout that has resulted so far within the national and military leadership community. A petition has been established on the White House “We the People” website to support this effort and to show our leaders that we demand an investigation and truthful answers. You can sign the petition at.

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