Strange Rumblings About Keystone


This is strange.  Have you heard?  According to The Hill, President Obama will give the proposed Keystone XL oil sands pipeline a green light, Moody’s predicts in a new report.

Now, I had heard other such rumblings, but dismissed them as wishful thinking.  See this vid from Bloomberg.   But, the financial world isn’t the only place where this is being echoed.  The Canadian government is also saying the same thing!

TransCanada submitted a new route for the northern part of the pipeline in September, and has said it expected a decision in early 2013.

“We believe that the Keystone XL will be approved by the Americans because it is clearly in the US national interest in terms of national security, jobs and economic growth,” Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver told reporters on Wednesday.

This is all too strange.  It doesn’t make much sense to me.  The only way this makes sense is if there was some quid pro quo.  I would be very supportive of the pipeline, but, beware of Greeks bearing gifts. 

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12 Responses to Strange Rumblings About Keystone

  1. philjourdan says:

    I would report it after it happens. So far, he has proven that facts mean nothing. If it is good for the country, he is agin it.

  2. Me says:

    Someone from Greenpiss should throw that fish back in the water, 😆 Ya know the one behind the sign……

  3. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
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  4. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Don’t get this one at all. Why would O change his mind now?

    A bargaining chip in the Budget wars? An attempt at some type of counter to the coming increases in the unemployment rate? Flat out blackmail from some unknown entity?

    The only part of it that’s consistent is saying/doing one thing to get the Eco-nut vote & then the ‘throwing under the bus’ later.

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