Obama Demonstrates His Budget Balancing Abilities!!!



Budget deficit rises to $120 billion in October

The Treasury said on Tuesday the October deficit was $120 billion, larger than economist forecasts for a $114 billion gap and up from $98 billion in October of 2011.

That’s great, in an economy not even moving at a 2% increase, we increase our federal spending by over 18% over last year.  Brilliant! 

Growth in expenditures outpaced rising receipts, deepening the deficit. Outlays grew to $304 billion from around $262 billion in the same month last year while receipts rose to $184 billion from $163 billion.

Outlays doubled our receipts. 

Has anyone noticed that the federal spending today is more than the federal spending with our stimulus package years of 2009 and 2010?

The little article finishes with something curious…….

The 2012 budget gap was $1.089 trillion, smaller than last year’s deficit of $1.297 trillion largely because of higher corporate income tax receipts and less spending.

Uhmm, no, that’s not correct.  We spent more last year, not less.  We didn’t spend a lot more, but more, we did.  I’d also direct your attention to the estimated decrease of the deficit. 

I’m wondering, with an 18% increase in the first month of the fiscal year, and a doubling of our outlays to receipts, when are we going to decrease the deficit?  Prolly after Jan 1. 


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17 Responses to Obama Demonstrates His Budget Balancing Abilities!!!

  1. Bruce says:

    A scary thought for the day. Does Mr Obama believe the same as Mr Anderson?

    So far Mr Obama has worked very hard to waste the most amount of money he possibly can, and impoverish as many Americans as possible. Is he doing this because he thinks this will save the world?

    Suyts, you guys are in for a wild ride the next 4 years, and we Aussies are going to be reluctant passengers attached to the US caboose.

    • suyts says:

      I’m sorry about that. Many of us tried, but the stubborn won’t believe until they experience the ruin themselves.

      • leftinbrooklyn says:

        Sadly, I think that’s exactly it. None of the other stuff really mattered: the propaganda from the biased media. The howls of racism & of woman-hating. Fast & Furious. Benghazi. All pointless.

        He’s their messiah. He’s come to save those in need. and to save those not in need from the guilt of not being in need. They’ll never believe that he’s not their savior. Until they experience the harsh reality that he’s not.

        It’s the lifecycle of every socialist experiment. How it’s born & how it dies.

  2. DirkH says:

    Obama economy 2.0 starts, NBC hardest hit. 500 pink slips. 🙂

  3. TedG says:

    OT- Germans and Central Europeans lock horns over energy

    | By Paul Hockenos

    With winter creeping nearer, the Czech Republic has warned Germany in explicit terms that it will not tolerate surges of excess German electricity swamping its transmission grid this winter. It has stated plainly that it will shut its grid to Germany if blackouts threaten. The Germans for their part aren’t pleased in the least with the plans of the Czechs to build new towers at their Temelin nuclear plant, just 60 kilometers from the German border in Bavaria. With Slovakia and Poland taking the Czech side and Austria backing Germany, the energy imbroglio in Mitteleuropa is complete. EER’s Berlin-correspondent Paul Hockenos reports from Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

    • Bruce says:

      Germany and Austria vs Czechoslovakia and Poland. My, my the fault lines take a long long time to disappear. Lets see, the GFC started in 2006, the Great Depression in 1929. On that basis expect the Germans come over the Czech border in about 2015, only this time it will be with green flags, polar bear suits and a large supply of tofu.

    • suyts says:

      Dang! When did Ted sneak that in on me? That was going to be one of my next posts!!

    • suyts says:

      Energy Review is a worthwhile periodical if you can suffer through all of the long winded bs. They write pages in what can be condensed into sentences.

  4. kelly liddle says:

    I have a simple idea. Kick Florida out of the Union they are costing a fortune. The expenditure in that state is about 5 times per capita of Kansas. So Suyts either you should ask for more money or insist they get less. I know maybe is to do with military or something but still. http://www.usaspending.gov/trends?trendreport=default&viewreport=yes&maj_contracting_agency_t=&pop_state_t=&pop_cd_t=&vendor_state_t=&vendor_cd_t=&psc_cat_t=&tab=Graph+View&Go.x=Go

    A cynic might think this expenditure has to do with its status as a large battleground state for presidential elections.

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