Natural Consequences Exacting More Revenging!!!


First it was the coal industry revenging  against Obama.  Now it seems the Pizza industry is exacting revenge……. or this could be a natural consequence of Obama’s insipidly stupid policies….. either one.

From Fox

CEO of Papa John’s says employees’ hours will likely be cut due to ObamaCare

The CEO of popular pizza chain Papa John’s says his employees may face reduced hours and he expects his business costs to rise because President Obama’s re-election most likely insures the president’s health care reform law will be implemented in full. reports John Schnatter made the remarks to a small group at Edison State College’s Collier County campus the day after the election.  …..

Schnatter estimated that these rising costs could adversely affect his workers. Since only full-time employees working 30 hours or more must be covered under the new law, he said he expects franchise owners will be forced to cut employees’ hours because they can’t afford the costs of health insurance plans.

“That’s probably what’s going to happen,” he said according to “It’s common sense. That’s what I call lose-lose.”

Interesting that the definition of full-time is different for Obamacare than it is for the BLS.  But, who thought that fast food places would really foot the bill for the insurance policies?  I mean who other than a ridiculous Obamatron?

The cost for a decent coverage insurance policy is simply too great for the typical wages paid to these sort of enterprises.  So, people get their hours cut and then the taxpayers foot the bill, or, the lower wage employees pay for it themselves.  Why does Obama hate poor people?

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42 Responses to Natural Consequences Exacting More Revenging!!!

  1. TedG says:

    It doesn’t get better, and the health care will degrade to a Canadian style bottle neck, you can see a Doctor but you freeze to death waiting for the specialist or God forbid surgery. Can any body spell DEATH PANEL that slippery slope is getting icier by the day.

  2. DirkH says:

    Apple is tanking.

  3. David says:

    The trainwreck is beginning. Massive goverment regulation demanding companies either “A” pay for expensive, via Obamacare regulations” privately arranged health care, or “B” pay a much smaller fine for not providing said health care, or “C” reduce as many employees as possible to the new part time, (under 30 hours) .
    Least expensive for any company = “C”. More expensive, “B”. Most expensive “A”

    Most expensive for the Goverment. “C” for which they recieve zero revenue, but give “free” Obama care. Less expensive for the Goverment is “B”, where the company subsidises an insurance policy costing the goverment far more then the revenue it is recieving. Least expensive for the Goverment plan is “A” a dinasour which will dissapear.

    Strange, but companies actually have to compete to stay in business. This is clearly FORCING all companies, large and small, to push to the goverment plan. Clearly the cost of Obama care will go through the roof. Clearly plan “A” will go away for most. Plan “B”, for many companies that can not reduce below 50 employees, will be the forced norm over time. Plan “C”, will become a larger and larger percentage of the population.

    Over time, the cost, “fine” will go uo dramatically, as Obamacare is hugely underfunded. The incentive to stay small “below 50 employees” will increase dramatically. The desructive disease of Obamacare is systemic, and will kill the host. As more are forced to live off of the sick host, other insidious elements of the disease will be found. The number of doctors will decline along with the reductions in Medicare. The number of students traing to be doctors will decline. Death Boards will make more and more difficult choices. The world, due to unending trillion dollar debts, will abandon the US dollar as the international medium of exchange. As standard of living declines, and less and less revenue flows into goverment coffers, and the US and world becomes Greece, but will have no one to bail them out. After various fractured groups fight over who is to blame for all of this, then we will begin to rebuild, hopefully witrh greater wisdom.

    The number of “Covered Employees” has dropped since Obama came to power. Average earning per family have declined. We are only at the beginning, the first sniffles, of this disease.

  4. Gator says:

    It aint just the fast food industry. Anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE, a business can swap out full timers for part timers this will happen. I work in finance and have seen good middle class employment turned over to temp agencies, six figure salaries gone, and replaced with entry level part time work. I have taken a forty percent cut in pay, that is directly linked to Dodd Frank, and of course Obama. My only neighbor is now paying five hundred dollars a month more for health insurance, and my costs are up considerably as well.

    Who is better off? I know there are anomalies, but outside of government employees I am not seeing any improvements, and I have a pretty good view of the economy from my desk.

    • leftinbrooklyn says:

      This government sees us all as their employees. Under their insurance plan. Under their pay-scale. Under their expense appropriations. Under their mission statement.

    • kelly liddle says:

      How is your income related to Dodd Frank and what is wrong with that legislation? I don’t know anything about the legislation except what I just skimmed from wiki.

      • Gator says:

        Kelly, you don’t listen so it won’t matter. Dodd Frank cut the profits of my department in half. Try maintaining a business when PROFITS have been halved.

        If you want more detail, then move here.

        • kelly liddle says:

          I always listen but does not mean I will always agree.

        • Gator says:

          You can start here…

          But that is only the tip of the iceberg, all economics are trickle down.

          The “fatcats” lost nothing. My institution’s stock has actually risen, but not because we are making so much money, but because we fired so many people, slashed salaries on middle and low income workers, and we were not mired down with bad mortgages.

          Now we have twice as many managers due to all of the new compliance issues, we have had to hire a consulting company whom we have had on our payroll for over two years now, and all of this with half the profits.

          The customers also suffer. They get greatly reduced customer service, fewer options and products, and unemployed neighbors that they must now support with their reduced wealth.

          Theories are neat. But reality is where we need to focus outside of the laboratory, and prevent as much human suffering as possible. Communism, marxism, socialism all fail the acid test, outside of small populations. Monks and Nuns did OK.

          Kelly, you obviously have an agenda, and that is a dangerous thing. I am after the truth, and the truth has NO agenda.

        • cdquarles says:

          Yep. Like Glass-Steagall, Dodd-Frank is a cure of a problem that didn’t exist, but by making politicians feel good about ‘doing something’ and covering up the real problem, makes the disease worse. Never forget that GWBush tried to get Sen Dodd and Rep Frank to make changes in financial regulation that had a real chance to prevent the worst of the crash. (None of the regulatory system could have prevented the crash itself. That was caused by Federal policies set in motion by the Federal Reserve system and general government interference in natural market forces and the artificial expansion of money and credit. If you want to prevent bank runs, never allow banks to lend against demand deposits, aka fractional reserve banking.)

        • suyts says:

          Yes, it was hailed as reform, but it paved the way for this madness.

  5. HankH says:

    To use an analogy, the government is strangling the chicken in an effort to increase egg production. Those who can’t see it are destined to be chickens. The rest of us will figure out how to escape the hen house as Papa Johns is doing.

    Speaking of escaping the hen house, here’s my free tip of the day for all you small business owners out there… When your company approaches 50 employees and you need to grow, adopt the Cargill business model – start new companies, make your former company a management company with limited employees (to retain market recognition), move employees around into the smaller companies, and have them all operate under the umbrella as franchises and /or child companies which all do business with each other. Keep each new company under 50 employees. There’s no need to be one big chicken.

    • suyts says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s going to be a business model for years to come.

      • HankH says:

        It’s the business model I’m adopting. What makes it work is controlling the supply chain, distribution channels, and keeping the IPs in the parent company such that the smaller companies are interdependent on each other and can achieve higher efficiency through specialization.

        Another beauty of this model is all of the companies can go out of network for products and services when there is a benefit to do so. In that way they can build additional supply chain and distribution channels through OEM, value add, and vertical services relationships while still doing business amongst each other.

        • DirkH says:

          Make sure your sub-CEOs have skin in the game, a share of their sub-company.

        • HankH says:

          Absolutely, there needs to be incentive for success. Additionally, key employees need skin in the game too. All of my key employees own stock in the company and receive distribution from the profits. It’s one reason why my company survived while many of my competitors went out of business.

          It’s a funny thing. People will work hard, make tough decisions, and solve problems when they have the potential of reward for doing so.

      • philjourdan says:

        Small Business owners know that. And will do it. Instead of expanding, a company will “franchise”. Keeping head count low, but driving up administrative costs (it still requires someone to keep track of the shells). Obama will go after lowering the level to 0. They have their foot in the door, now they start demanding more on top of it.

    • leftinbrooklyn says:


      But lasts only until the 50 employee standard is eliminated? Control being maintained only thru increased control, is quickly realized by the controllers.

      • HankH says:

        That’s a given. 50 will become 40 then eventually zero. I think we all see that coming. But there are other financial benefits to the model that make it attractive in our current business climate.

  6. kelly liddle says:

    “Theories are neat. But reality is where we need to focus outside of the laboratory, and prevent as much human suffering as possible. Communism, marxism, socialism all fail the acid test, outside of small populations. Monks and Nuns did OK.

    Kelly, you obviously have an agenda, and that is a dangerous thing. I am after the truth, and the truth has NO agenda.”

    Your basic statement above I agree with all except one point and that is that socialism fails the acid test. If you look at the economic freedom according to your heritage organisation, socialism is not an issue The first six countries on the list all have a more universal healthcare system than you do and the other three above you I don’t know about. This according to many is an issue. The degree of socialism and effectiveness may be an issue but limited socialism is not a problem at all and seems you should have it to become a country with high economic freedom. You mentioned your healthcare is costly and yes it is about double that of Australia in gross terms. In terms of taxes paid for it about 30% more and private is 4 times the expenditure in Aus. If you really want to pay double the cost for comparable care then I would suggest you are being really dogmatic and just sticking to your theory through thick and thin. I have pointed this out to the lefties here and the righties. So the truth is you pay too much and much more socialised medicine seems far more effective because it is run better. So the issue is not about the level of socialism but the effectiveness of govt. Your government on this issue as far as cost effectiveness goes is a complete failure.

    The agendas I have are this and I will be quite blunt about it. To find out how you have got things in your country so wrong in the last 20 years or so and think about how this can be stopped in Australia. A common saying in Aus is “we are 20 years behind America” and it does hold some truth. Observing what you have done wrong also points out what we have done right. See if I can get through to anyone like I was trying to do with you about the benifits of free trade in energy or the Obamacare medicare prescription savings which Romney doesn’t like because he apparently believes in gold plated socialism not PBS Australia , a nice little bit of cost effective socialism. Another agenda is to point out what your problems are not your perceived problems. There was no problem about socialism but now there is because your government is dysfunctional almost like that of a failed state. Many up and coming developing countries are striding ahead and not because of wages but because the governments are actually more functional. Both of these statements are completely wrong 1 The problems are as a result of Capitalism 2 The problems are as a result of Socialism

    Effective government is the answer which will naturally be conducive to capitalism but also not reject socialism completely.

    I am an equal opportunist and will point out things said by the left or the right that are stupid.

    I am also some one who with a convincing argument followed by my personal research can change my mind. The one thing that I have changed my mind is about weapons and that is that instead of thinking weapon availability is the primary cause of violence I now consider it a secondary cause.

    • Gator says:

      Economic freedom is not the whole picture. If you want to know what is killing America, it it progressives. Study what they are preaching and run the other direction. If socilaized medicine were better I would choose it, thank you. And thanks for dragging out some meaningless drivel about Romney. You sure say alot without saying much.

      FYI – Human beings are the only cause of violence. Geesh.

      This is why I cut short our last conversation, your crusade is wasting my time.

    • suyts says:

      Kelly, if I may interject…….. you’re putting too high a premium on the fiscal aspects. While a strong and robust economy is essential to a free society, it is the free society which is the goal. The economy is the way to the goal.

      With that in mind, one can never deliver up freedoms in pursuit of an economic advantage. In this area, one should always be dogmatic. And, this is where the US has taken the wrong turn. While pursuing economic advantages, we haven’t stayed true to our foundations.

      What good is it to gain health-care at the cost of freedom? Freedom is the goal, health-care is not.

      • kelly liddle says:

        Possibly I put an extremely high value on economic freedom because it must come first. Around half of the worlds population do not have this. Australian’s have much more freedom when it comes to healthcare. We pay less tax for it and nothing stopping us from going private and the only freedom lacking is that once you earn over a certain income then effectively you must buy basic hospital cover (about $70 per month) or pay more tax . If an Australian should so choose and the situtation is not emergency care then nothing to stop us hopping on a plane and seeking healthcare anywhere in the world.

        I don’t only put a high value on economics though, what your country has effectively done with the provisions in the NDAA eliminates all freedoms you think you might have. Being incarcerated without trial indefinately is total loss of freedom. Even if you are to argue but it hasn’t happened yet I have to ask how do you know it can be secret? Your only hope is that if a president does try to use the provisions that he will suffer a mutiny and I am not so sure that would be the case because it appears there has been no mutiny when this is done internationally.

    • kelly liddle says:

      Big government and debt is killing your nation. So blame every president from Reagan to now. They must all be progressive whatever that means to you.

      • gator69 says:

        YES!!! God love ya Kelly, that’s the most sense you have made to date! This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 🙂

      • HankH says:

        What, Carter doesn’t get any blame? Not that it is important. I just needed an excuse to comment that I appreciate that you bring a broader scope to the discussions here and sometimes you’re brutally honest (in a good way).

    • cdquarles says:

      Actually, Kelly, this has been going on since the 1890s, was boosted by Woodrow Wilson in the 1910s, furthered by Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt in the 20s and 30s. Subsequent presidents either did nothing or chipped around the edges until Lyndon Johnson in the 60s (never forget that for most of the time I am talking about the US Congress was wholly or partially Democrat controlled, particularly the House of Representatives). Ronald Reagan did the most (with a hostile Congress) to actually reverse course. None of Reagan’s successors have done a thing to stop the ‘Progressives’ and their Fabian Socialist or Fascist policies. Only Newt’s House of Representatives made some positive changes, and only over Clinton’s dead body (Dick Morris did much to change Clinton’s mind). Barack Obama is our most leftist president ever. ever, an

  7. Larry Geiger says:

    “It aint just the fast food industry. Anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE, a business can swap out full timers for part timers this will happen.” Brevard County Florida Government. There is currently an un-advertised ban on almost all full time hiring. Managers are instructed to move full time positions to part time, 30 hrs or 20 hrs. If they need 40 hours, then they hire two 20hr people. It will eventually work it’s way up to the state and then the federal level. I guess this is one way to reduce the work week. Maybe we all work three part time jobs?

    • philjourdan says:

      It will never work its way to the federal level. And as for the state level, it has been a common practice in this state for several years. Before the part timers were limited to 1500 hours annually. That is dropping to 1000.

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