NY Times Concerned About Pennsylvania!



Woot!  NY Times political section is scared. 

In Shift, Romney Campaign Approaches Pennsylvania With a New Urgency

PHILADELPHIA — First there was quiet. Then came the “super PACs.” Now the candidate is on his way.

In a striking last-minute shift, the Romney campaign has decided to invest its most precious resource — the candidate’s time — in a serious play to win Pennsylvania. ….

Over the last several days, with polls showing Mr. Obama’s edge in the state narrowing, Republicans have sprung into action and forced the Democrats to spend resources here that could have gone toward more competitive battleground states. 

Forced to respond, the Obama campaign has put more than $1.5 million into an ad campaign here and is planning even more. Democrats are saying that the race is much closer than they would have guessed just a week ago.

“It’s a little tighter than I would have expected,” said Jef Pollock, a pollster for Priorities U.S.A. Action, a Democratic super PAC. “But the question is whether this is just the natural tightening that’s going to happen.”

A little tighter?  While there isn’t any very recent polls from reputable polling outfits, (Rasmussen had Obama by 5 on the 24th)  The senate race may be telling.  A Tribune-Review/Susquehanna poll has Republican challenger Tom Smith (who?) within one of incumbent Bob Casey on the 31st. 

I had stated in the past that in order for Romney to take Pennsylvania he would have to take Ohio first.  Team Romney is moving towards Penn thinking they have a good grasp on Ohio, or they are forcing  team Obama to move resources to Penn to counter.  Either way, this is offense!  Team Romney is taking it to team Obama!  Recall the last election when McCain had to play defense.  Cue the fat lady!

h/t AAM

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7 Responses to NY Times Concerned About Pennsylvania!

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  2. miked1947 says:

    The O’Bambi team needs to be on running scared. Come on Tuesday!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPLWBhNW3FM

  3. miked1947 says:

    lets try this

  4. miked1947 says:

    I have most of their music!

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