Don’t you hate it when someone types in all caps at you?  It’s the universal text and blogging sign of yelling at someone .  BUT, THE ALL CAPS ARE WORSE WHEN YOU HAVE EXCLAMATION MARKS NEXT TO IT!!!!

Now Barry is doing it.  Worse, HE’S PUTTING EXCLAMATION MARKS BESIDE IT!!!!! 

It was,


Now it is


Barry, you’re not going to get more votes by YELLING AT PEOPLE!!!!! 

This new change in the campaign slogan was employed only after beating out another proposed change in the market testing. 


Someone please FOWARD this on to Barry and tell him this doesn’t PERSUADE PEOPLE!!!!!!111111 

H/T DIRK!!!!1111

Twitchy has it here.

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3 Responses to Obama IS NOW YELLING AT YOU!!!!

  1. I’m sorry, what? Did he say something?

  2. Jim Masterson says:

    I was watching “Judgement At Nuremberg” on TCM tonight. Burt Lancaster was playing the Nazi judge, Ernst Janning. He took the witness stand and was talking about the Nazi takeover of Germany. I quote: “We will go forward. ‘Forward’ is the great password.”

    There’s nothing new under the Sun. So Obama is using a Nazi party slogan.


    • suyts says:

      There have been a few leftist totalitarian regimes using the word “forward” or adding a variant of it. China’s “great leap forward” comes to mind.

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