Future Entertainment Watching Leftist Heads Explode!!!


Now this would be fun to watch!

Murdoch eyes LA Times, Chicago Tribune: report

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – News Corp <NWSA.O> Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch is looking to buy the Los Angeles Times, one of the country’s largest newspapers, from struggling media conglomerate Tribune Co, the newspaper reported on Friday.

Murdoch is also eyeing the Chicago Tribune, whose publisher Tribune Co is now trying to exit bankruptcy, according to the paper. News Corp executives are in early talks with Tribune Co debtholders, including hedge fund Oaktree Capital. The company wants to secure footholds in Los Angeles and Chicago, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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8 Responses to Future Entertainment Watching Leftist Heads Explode!!!

  1. Bruce says:

    If its anything like the Fairfax-Rinehart tussle they’re already exploding right now.

    When Gina Rinehart (a conservative iron ore billionarie and Lord Monckton fan) conducted a raid on Fairfax the left went absolutely nuts. They managed to fend her off by playing jailhouse lawyer, whereupon she tried to sell out. Since the shareprice kept on diving she’s done a lot of money, but the effect on the MSM commentators was probably worth it for her. On current trajectory FXJ hits $0.00 in about 4 months time. Death dive.

    I predict if Murdoch actually does something real the MSM will go completely apes**t. It will be so much fun!

    • suyts says:

      Yes, I remember the poor leftists at the Conversation crying about that. It was a hoot. And, yes, if Murdoch does move to buy the L.A. Times the left will be most entertaining.

  2. philjourdan says:

    I heard this rumor about 6 months ago. I would love to see Murdoch buy them, but he did not become rich by being stupid.

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