NFL Round Up




Thursday the Ravens beat the Browns, but it wasn’t very impressive.  But, they shouldn’t feel alone.  This year we’ve seen a remarkable change in the early season.  The traditional stalwarts have come out of the gates stumbling.  New upstarts are appearing.

The Seattle Seahawks appear ready to move from traditional also ran to competitors for dominance.  The Arizona Cardinals have also seemed to emerged from permanent mediocrity to a very competitive team.  The Cards will beat up on my Dolphins while the Seahawks look to beat the Rams. 

The good news for the old guard is that the season is young.  As the saying goes, the cream rises to the top.  The Patriots are struggling, but, I think they’ll get it worked out.  The Steelers are struggling, but again, I think they’ll get that fixed.  The New Orleans Saints, OTOH, are in peril of entirely losing their season.  The Saints will play another struggling stalwart, the Green Bay Packers.  The loser of that game is in serious trouble.  Saints are 0-3 and the Pack is 1-2.  The Pats (1-2) are trying to right themselves against the upstart Bills (2-1)

The good news for my Cowboys is that they’ve played terrible football and are still 2-1.  They’ll be playing Monday against the Bears (2-1).  A win here for the ‘boys would go a long way to establishing their legitimacy as a power this year.  

Two other teams worth noting.  The Atlanta Falcons (3-0) appears to be the cream of the crop so far.  They’re taking on the Carolina Panthers (1-2)  in what should be an easy win.  Should be.  Last week I would have said the San Francisco 49ers were the best team in the league, right before they got beat by the Minnesota Vikings.  

I still think the 49ers are a high quality team.  We’ll get to see what they’re made of today.  They’re playing a tough NY Jets team (2-1).  If the Jets lose and they have another terrible performance from Mark Sanchez, look for the fickle NY fans to call for the re-emergence of Tebow. 

My quick prediction of winners today.  Pats beat the Bills.  49ers take the Jets.  Seahawks win over the Rams.  Falcons beat the Panthers.  The Vikings take the Lions.  The Chargers win over the Chiefs.  Look for the Texans to crush the Titans.  Bengals to edge the Jaguars.  I look for the Broncos to beat the Raiders.  The Cards to roll over the Dolphins.  The Redskins to beat the Buccaneers.  The Pack to win over the Saints.  The Giants to beat the Eagles. And the Cowboys to beat the Bears

The games I’ve embolden are what I think are pivotal games.  All of them should be very competitive, and I think the Pack and Saints game will show two teams in desperation to gain some footing.   

What do you think?

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47 Responses to NFL Round Up

  1. Jim Masterson says:

    The Seahawks should win. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost.

    I’m still trying to figure out why Navy has such a bad team this year.

    That was an interesting game against the Ducks last night. They almost made a sure win into a watchable game.

    I just heard the Huskies are 23rd after that win against Stanford.


  2. ESPN is STILL talking about the call on Monday Night. And they are STILL not talking about the rest of the bad/missed calls from that game. I don’t think GB was robbed. I knew going into the season that replacement refs would be like that. They players knew it too, I’m sure. They went into the game with these officials. They should not be complaining now about the results. If there was a problem with these officials they should have been smart enough to say something BEFORE the games.

  3. Jets offense is a wrong offense for the NFL. And Mark Sanchez cannot handle pressure. Watching him through his pro career shows that he is a 2nd string QB. He is not a full time starter. But Rex Ryan can’t see that. Pro athletes work too hard to have their effort squandered this way. Rex needs to put Tebow in as starter. He won with Denver. He will win there. And Tony Soprano can’t design a pro offense. The wild cat worked for a short time. But it won’t work anymore because it’s just to simple and takes too long to develop. I can assume Rex Ryan’s job is in trouble, I think.

  4. FOX just switched to Car v Atl. Looks like great finish.

  5. I just watched the Rex Ryan press conference. He was asked 4 times if and/or why not he was going to pull Sanchez as starter. He said no every time and got more emphatic each time. Head scratcher!!

  6. NE runs up the score. Cheating wasn’t enough. Adding running up scores to their legacy.

  7. philjourdan says:

    The season is 17 weeks long. NE definitely looked like a has been, until the second half of this week. San Diego looks good on paper, but not on the field. Arizona, and houston the biggest ‘surprises’ on the up side. Atlanta looks like a real team.

    Most improved division – NFC West. Worst division – AFC East. But the season is still young, so the only team that looks like it is playing out the string is Cleveland.

  8. Vickie says:

    Yes, Seattle lost… but there is still next week. Now on to tonight’s game Cowboys and Bears. GO COWBOYS!!! πŸ™‚

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