Jason II Update


Well, it’s slow so I thought I’d update readers on the continuing evolution of Jason II.  Here was my last check on Jason II. 


This was August 1.  The data ended June 3.


Here is today, Sep 29.   Data Ends June 12


It’s been nearly two months and they’ve advanced the data by 9 days, of course causing a more bizarre slope. 

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2 Responses to Jason II Update

  1. Lars P. says:

    Hm, what I have observed with the sea level was that the longer the data was delayed it was probable that some adjustment to increase the slope to come (I do not recall of any adjustment to result in decreasing the slope has anybody seen any?).
    The slope increase was somehow proportional with the delay, remember the more then 6 month delay and then the GIA adjustment for the previous 20 years?
    I remember Frank posted an interesting post on Jo’s site about it:
    (btw Jo seems to be back!)

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